The real estate industry has a host of different players, from property managers, home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage loan officers, bankers, to contractors, sellers, and buyers. 

However, the glue that holds this industry together lies with real estate agents because they coordinate the entire industry.

A real estate agent is majorly tasked with coordinating all these players to make transactions successful.

Depending on where a real estate transaction process is, you can find a real estate agent acting as a marketer, a negotiator, consultant, business manager, analyst, advocate, or even a salesperson.

This means that they are very important professionals in the real estate industry. However, are they all good at their work? When looking for a real estate agent to help you sell or buy a property, there are some qualities you should look for. They include;

The Industry Knowledge

Becoming a real estate agent requires one to go through a series of training courses. Every successful real estate agent needs to know about the best way to become a real estate agent, which includes checking state requirements, taking a course and exams among others.

A good real estate agent is supposed to have gone through the right process and should stay up to date with the latest trends concerning the real estate industry. They should be able to guide you on the right things to do when selling or buying a property.

Connections Within the Market

A good real estate agent should have connections and contacts in the real estate market especially within the region that they serve, something that shows that they understand the importance of networking in a business

This can include people looking to buy or sell their properties, their colleagues in the market, and every other person involved in one or more things in the industry.

This is important when one is selling or buying a property because such a real estate agent will be able to direct the buyer or seller to the right person or even get a customer quickly. Such an agent will easily get a seller or buyer the right offer.

Understands the Local Market

Let us take an example where you are looking to buy a property from location A. You get two real estate agents, one who specifically works in location A and another one who specializes in location B but has sold one or two houses in location A.

If you compare the two real estate agents, you will realize that the one who specifically works in location A understands the market pretty well compared to the other one. This is the one you should work with if you want to get the best offers when buying or selling a property. 

Pays Attention

It is very important to look for someone who pays attention to detail when buying or selling a property. This is because, even though a real estate agent deals with hundreds if not thousands of clients, they need to pay attention to the different requirements of their clients.

Such a real estate agent will communicate well, follow up with their clients, and ensure that their clients get exactly what they need. In addition, such a real estate agent will ensure that you understand the important things to consider before selling or buying a property.

Has an Engaging Personality

When selling or buying a property through a real estate company, you need to look for an agent who will not only sell or get your property bought but also one who sells themselves. The ability of a real estate agent to sell himself or herself lies in their personality.

This means that you need to look for a real estate agent with an engaging personality. Such an agent will have an amazing attitude, will be honest, confident, and will be very happy to get the best deal that makes his or her client happy.


The best real estate agents come with an amazing work ethic. They have the will and courage to pursue different leads and ensure that they can effectively market the properties of their clients while at the same time looking for the right properties that match the requirements of buyers.

They do not care about the time they put in when working, but the right amount of time for each property they are working on, working smart, and going even beyond to close deals and make their clients happy. If you get a real estate agent with the qualities discussed above, you will have an amazing experience selling or buying a property.