Selling your car to wreckers in Sydney is a great idea. You spare yourself from the hassle of advertising your car, meeting the buyers in person, and then running errands for ownership transfer or paperwork. 

Wreckers take matters into their hands and do everything from car removal to paperwork. They are best for people looking for cash for cars in Sydney West.

However, not all wreckers are worth selling your car to. You may find scammers who impersonate a registered company. To evade that, you must know a few questions that can help you ascertain whether the wrecker is reliable or not. 

The good news is that we have worked out a list of five important questions to help you pick the right wrecker. 

So, let’s take a look:

1. Are you licensed?

First and foremost, you need to figure out whether a wrecker is legit or not. In other words, you must have a look at their license that permits them to carry out wrecking services.

Licensed wreckers would not hesitate a fair bit in showing their license to you. But if you are dealing with someone dodgy, they may try to deviate the conversation elsewhere. 

So, do not let the talks go any further unless you are truly sure they are reliable and licensed.

2. Are you insured?

After having a look at their license, next comes the insurance. 

As a seller, you would not want to be responsible for any mishap or accident while wreckers tow your vehicle away to their garage. Therefore, you must ensure that each of their technicians and experts is fully insured. 

Insurance is considered mandatory to secure a license, but some irresponsible companies may not renew their employee’s insurance. So, it is best to ensure that each expert is fully-insured.

3. Why should I choose you?

The competition amongst wreckers is immense. Therefore, your wrecker is highly likely to be well-prepared for questions like these. 

This open-ended question will give you a chance of how they feel about their services. Most wreckers would exaggerate their performance, while some would offer genuine and persuasive points. 

Moreover, you may also meet wreckers desperate for work who can agree to pay a higher price than others to sign the deal with you. Thus, asking such a question can get you great offers. 

4. Do you have the necessary expertise to dispose of my car responsibly?

Some car fluids can have a dangerous environmental impact if disposed of naturally. Therefore, your moral duty is to ensure that you are not handing over your car to irresponsible hands. 

Such fluids can be recycled and reused again. But to do that, a wrecker should have the expertise to store and process such fluids carefully. 

To dismantle the entire car, segregate metal from other components, and send it to the junkyard for proper disposal also needs quality equipment and expertise. Thus, you need to ensure that the company is authentic. 

5. Can you show me your track record?

Most wreckers providing cash for cars in Sydney West claim to have served many customers. But it would help if you didn’t take their word for it. 

Instead, you must inquire about their past performance through their reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. You will likely get honest opinions on their services. 

Moreover, you can ask them for customer testimonials and match them with online reviews on their business to get the hang of their past performance. 

Final Thoughts

 Wreckers are reliable people. They are masters in car disposal and know the importance of environmental protection. 

However, you must know whom to trust. That is why integrating these five questions into your search is utterly important. 

So, ask these questions to your wrecker and get a no-obligation quote.