The sale of craft beers has grown exponentially in the past few years. Some craft breweries are even exporting their beers to other countries. According to the Brewers Association, craft breweries are defined as independent, small, and traditional breweries.

They produce only a couple of million barrels every year. Most of them do not enjoy large financial investments witnessed in other brewers. They also use traditional ingredients such as malt barley to brew their beers.

That notwithstanding, the craft beer industry is taking off. The industry is making a good percentage of the total beers in most countries.

Here are a few reasons why craft breweries are taking off;

1. Craft Brewers are Experimenting

Craft beer brewers are continuously experimenting. Every now and then, they come up with new beer flavors and hops to ensure that they have met the demands of their customers. They are studying their customers and trying as much as they can to give them what they want.

In addition, we are seeing new breweries now and then. They also come with their beer varieties to try and attract customers. This has led to growth in the popularity of craft beers in different parts of the world.

Craft breweries are also innovating with new technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to study different tastes. This has made it possible for them to produce personalized beers for their customers, something that has contributed to their growth.

2. Beer Lovers Are Also Experimenting

As much as craft brewers are experimenting, the customers they sell to are also experimenting. Today, more people are turning towards craft beers and leaving the big brands that we have always known.

The young generation, for instance, is known to experiment with new things and go for whatever they love. Did you know they are also considering hand-selected craft beers when looking for amazing gift ideas for their peers?

In addition, people are getting concerned about their health. Since craft breweries use natural ingredients to produce their beers, their beers are better when it comes to the health of beer lovers. This is one of the reasons craft breweries are taking off.

3. Craft Breweries Are Increasingly Using Sophisticated Operations

The craft beer industry is one of the oldest industries we have today. People have been drinking beers from time immemorial. However, times have changed and modern operations are growing more sophisticated every day.

Fortunately, technology has given birth to different tools and software applications for craft breweries to use for their operations. For instance, breweries are using Ollie, a software to manage their brewery operations.

With such software applications, they can manage inventory, customer relations, beer production, order processing, and payments. They do not have to use different applications since all these processes can be handled from a single platform.

4. Craft Beers Have Become More Portable

A few years ago, it was challenging to carry a couple of beers from one place to another. Craft beers were packed in glass bottles, most of which were not takeaways. This has so far changed. Craft beers have become more portable.

Most breweries are now using cans to pack their beers. This makes it easy for beer lovers to take their craft beers with them anywhere they want. For instance, if you want to spend time outdoors or go hiking, it would make sense for you to carry canned craft beers.

In addition, some places such as tennis and golf courses have banned bottled beer. This makes canned craft beer the most preferred option for people going to these places. This is one of the reasons contributing to the continued growth of craft breweries.

5. Craft Beers Are Getting Onto Shelves and Online Stores

Retail and online store owners are responding to the growing demand for craft beers among beer lovers. This has seen more craft beers getting into shelves in retail stores and on most online store websites.

Due to this, beer lovers are finding it easy to get their favorite beers since they do not have to visit restaurants to take craft beers. With increased sales, craft breweries are making more profits, and increasing production.

If, for instance, you wanted to take craft beer from the comfort of your home, you can make orders online and have your beers delivered. This is important for the growth of craft breweries.

The next few years are going to see more craft breweries coming up and the existing ones growing even more. Technology, together with the factors discussed above, is playing a major role in this growth.