A few years ago, people would look at modular homes with disdain.  Who would want to live in a prefabricated box with no character or imagination? Admittedly, many of the first models did look and feel like that. However, these days nothing could be further from the truth.

Modular homes have been taking over – they can be eco-friendlier, custom, and cheaper.

The Modular Home Revolution

The evolution of modular homes has been amazing, and the internet has to thank for that. Since the turn of the century, globalism has promoted a few dramatic cultural changes: mobility and freedom are now valued more than money, minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyles have risen in popularity, and luxury has been redefined by “old-money” vs. “new money.” The upscale European mansions have been replaced with contemporary designs.

And modular homes have closely followed these architectural trends. The desire for mobility has led to people overall wanting to spend less money on homes, and it has also led them to want to get the most out of their homes.

Before diving into five amazing styles of prefab homes, you will need a little bit of context.

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate

The Right Style

Modular homes can be traditional. However, their specialty is that they come with both personality and theme.

Choosing the style of home you want is a creative wonderland. You can pick the amenities that best suit and reflect your lifestyle and personal preferences. Do a little research and find the top manufacturers of modular homes in your area or the area you are planning to live in. But take it a step further. Look through their websites and prices and sizes of the models they have available. Visit their factories if you can and see how they are made.

The fun of living in a modular home is that you get to order exactly what you like. Here are five amazing modular home styles.

1. Chalet

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate
If you have always liked the look and feel of a ski chalet up in the mountains in the winter, you can choose this design and customize the interior for your lifestyle. Chalets are homes that help you savor that feeling of comfort, warmth, and peace. In terms of luxury, they are that retreat from a world of pressure, hustle, and hurry. Sometimes you need to get away from it all, and chalets are perfect for it.

2.Two-Story Colonials

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate

This popular family-style has been a favorite for generations. If you are looking for a traditional home but want yours to be built more efficiently, then a two-story colonial might be right for you. It will be just as comfortable as a modular home, more cost-efficient, and eco-friendlier.

3. Modern and Sleek

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate

Designs featuring glass and steel have been huge architectural hits. Open floor plans and some industrial touches boast “new-money.” These homes have become the cornerstone of luxury real estate for the young and wealthy. Combined with some stylistic coloring and finishing touches, these contemporary modular homes will be built to impress.

4. Open Floor Plan

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate

A plethora of windows let in natural light, making it perfect if you want to build around a spectacular view. Open floor plan modular homes are a stunning way to take that “loft” feel and to convert it into an actual home. They create an amazing aura of efficiency, space, and chic. With the open floor plan styles, you get all the benefits of a loft and all the privacy of having your own home.

5. Green Homes

Modular Homes Luxury Real Estate

There is no greener alternative. “Green” modular homes are crafted, from start to finish with eco-friendliness in mind. The factories and manufacturers design these homes for the people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Equipped with solar panels and top-line insulation, this style of home is unbeatable.

In Conclusion

Overall, modular homes have come incredibly far. They are the manifestation of the 21st-century tropes that are taking over society – minimalism, eco-friendliness, contemporary architecture, and efficiency. So, could this mean that they are redefining real-estate luxury?

Max Out Your Home

Curb appeal can make any home more attractive.  What do you want to see when you arrive home at the end of the day?  Make it all about you.  Talk to a landscaper about adding plants that use less water.  Consider artificial turf for small yards – no watering or mowing needed, and this is a very pet-friendly option.  Add energy-efficient appliances and low-flow faucets or showers to conserve water and energy.  Get the most out of your new modular home.