Want to spruce up your home for 2021?

The traditional spring clean can cleanse your psyche as well as your walls and floors, but for something really cathartic, more substantial home improvements fit the bill fabulously, and they don’t need to cost a pretty penny.

Sounds interesting?

Take a look at five stylish home improvement hacks for 2021.

1. New front door

The primacy effect is at its most potent at the front of your house, so if you want to create a fab first impression for visitors that also reminds yourself how warm, welcoming and dynamic your home is, try switching up your front door.

Struggling for inspiration? A red Victorian front door from the London Door Company is rather swish!

2. Zen garden

Need a place to seek sanctuary from one inane Zoom call too many with your boss? A karesansui, or Japanese rock garden, is the very dab.

Made from rocks, gravel, and sparsely populated with basic plants, spending a few calming moments raking stones into circular patterns here helps you center yourself – get all the essentials from your local garden center.

Try adding levitating plant from Floately as it’ll create a relaxing environment and can also be used as a home decor item.

3. Wall art

It’s tricky finding gorgeous, subtle wall art in a wide variety of sizes down your local high street, no matter where you live.

However, Desenio stocks gorgeous Scandi-style designs that can add a sparkle to your bedroom or act as charming conversation pieces in your lounge. Whether you want seasonal scenes, chic graphic art posters promoting high-end heritage brands, natural scenes, or abstracts, this affordable art emporium has it covered.

4. Wood flooring

Want another way to boost your feng shui? Some engineered wood flooring creates a sense of space and flows in high footfall areas like hallways, while a natural wood-like walnut is warm, attractive, and hard-wearing.

Several suppliers choose from, but Direct Wood Flooring is a pretty good place to start. Whichever firm you choose to deal with, check their ratings on Trustpilot, confirm they deliver in your area, and ask whether an installation service is available.

5. Exterior rendering

Applying a render coating to your home exterior can completely transform your façade, cover unsightly cracks, and generally make your home look brand new.

Rendering products are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you’ll find something suitable for your plush pad at Direct Building Products – this is a more cost-effective and less labor-intensive way of zhushing up your front walls than more major refurbishments. It can be applied sparingly to complement areas of designer exposed brickwork or timber features.

Try our stylish home improvement hacks, and your home will feel brand new for 2021 – just what you need to welcome more positivity through the front door!

Have we missed your favorite home improvement hack? Share it in the comments section.