The casino industry involves a dizzying amount of moving parts. Casino operators not only have to make sure their games are fun and safe, but they also have to keep drawing players by having great entertainment and dining options within their premises. This is all on top of keeping an eye out on their bottom line by making sure no funny business is going on.

Guest author Klara Czerwinska shares five technology essentials that casino businesses must deploy. To find out more about Klara Czerwinska, click here.

Because casinos revolve around money on a 24/7 basis, it is common knowledge in the industry that thieves and scammers come with the territory. Far from the old casino days when pit bosses had to roam gaming floors with a few bruisers in tow, today’s technology can handle that business in a more discreet and effective fashion. Some examples of technology that all modern brick and mortar casinos use nowadays are license plate readers, face recognition sensors, and “angel eye” technology that allows cameras to track cards from afar.

Despite the continued controversy over the legal status of online gaming in various parts of the world, online gambling technology is more common than ever before. Polish casino operators invest heavily in technology to ensure that their players are protected and kept safe at all times. If you are in Poland and are looking for a casino online, you will find a number of different options available to you. You can make note of the below points and use them to help you shortlist a good online casino.

Here are just five of the main pieces of technology that most online casinos use in their daily operations.

1. Online Casino Platform

If you play at online casinos regularly, you will notice that some online casinos are easier to play at than others. Their loading screens go by faster, navigating seems much more intuitive, and everything you need is exactly where you go to find it.

This is not by chance but by design. Online casinos are specifically designed to make navigating around seem as frictionless as possible.

Online casino platforms are one way to ensure a seamless transition between all the different parts of the casino ecosystem: from its homepage to banking, from the different types of slot games and table games to its information resource areas.

Online casino platforms are what make the time between depositing and playing for real money as short as humanly possible.

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2. Mobile Gaming

It is no secret that the gaming world has exploded in the past decade due to the advancement of smartphone and tablet technology. There are also more mobile phone brands that offer decent specs at bottom-dollar prices.

Many casino players today prefer playing slots on their devices. As long as you have a steady high-speed internet connection, you can play slots for real cash while out and about.

Most online casinos today have mobile casino options ready to go. Requiring no downloads, you can simply log in through their website and get your fix instantly.

3. Blockchain Technology

The popularity of cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin, has made anonymity- and security-focused players less resistant to the prospect of online casino gaming.

Many legitimate online casinos today take cryptocurrencies. Not only are cryptocurrency transactions faster and more anonymous than fiat transactions, but they are also exempt from the limits imposed on fiat.

4. Live Dealer Games

In decades past, online casino players had to make do with RNG-based slots and table games. While some players enjoy the faster pace of such games, it is undeniable that their graphics and animations were rarely exciting. Die-hard fans of games like Blackjack might enjoy hand after hand of it, but casual gamblers tuned out after a short while due to the lack of excitement.

Modern online gaming software now allows live dealer games to exist. Such games are hosted from studios, complete with professional dealers and casino decor. You can even interact with dealers or your fellow players while in hand.

5. Enhanced Security Measures

While many online casino players trust their venues of choice to keep them safe, most are blissfully unaware of how exactly casinos ensure the safety of their data.

All legitimate online casinos protect customer data with some form of encryption. The standard protocol is 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), although there are also some alternatives, such as TLS v1.2.

Online casinos also offer a host of protections to keep your account safe at all times, such as 2-Factor Authentication and firewalls to repel malicious actors from accessing your data.


Casino operators must invest both time and resources into these five technology essentials in order to provide their players with safe and top-notch gaming services.