Tulum is the Mexican town that’s become one of the world’s top travel destinations in the past few years. If you’re already planning to visit this tropical paradise, make sure you’re properly prepared before you take your trip. When visiting Tulum, keep the following in mind:

1. Visit During the Right Season

Tulum may be a magical place, but only during the right time of year. In Tulum, the high season from December to April features beautiful weather but also attracts the most tourists, while the Summer season from May to October has a bit more rain. The low season from September to October has the fewest crowds but is also in the midst of hurricane season.

According to travel experts, the best time to visit Tulum is around February, when the temperature is ideal, the crowds infrequent, and the weather is beautiful. With a little-to-no chance of rain and fewer crowds packing the beach, heading to Tulum at the tail-end of winter is the best way to experience the town.

2. Stay on the Beach

When visiting Tulum, there’s no better way to enjoy your stay than by booking a waterfront villa. With the private villas in Tulum, you and your loved ones will have the time of your life. Overlooking the gorgeous ocean, these beachside villas will make for the most memorable days and nights as you relax and soak in all the salt-air and blue skies unique to Tulum.

In addition to making for an incredible vacation, staying on the beach also gives you easy access to all the aquatic activities in Tulum. From standup paddle boarding and kayaking to swinging on the beach, you’ll be first in line all things beach fun when booking a Tulum villa.

3. Exchange your Dollars for Pesos

Though many places in Tulum take cards, it’s important to have pesos on hand when on-the-go. Whether you’re in a cab, tipping someone at the airport, or paying for dinner at a restaurant, having pesos over cash will make your experience that much smoother. Similarly, you’ll be able to save more money by carrying pesos over cash.

Considering exchanging your car for pesos while at the airport? Don’t. The airport’s exchange rate is incredibly high and will end up costing you more money overall. Instead, visit a Tulum ATM or HSBC bank for your pesos. Additionally, there are many ATMs around the beach in case you need pesos in the middle of one of your many beach days.

4. Make a Trip to the Touristy Spots

While you may be tempted to spend the majority of your vacation lounging on the beach, visiting the tourist spots in Tulum is a must. No visit to this Mexican town is complete without a trip to explore the town itself, as well as hotspots like the ruins and cenotes. With just a couple of pesos, you can visit the Tulum Ruins that are just outside the town. The best way to view these ruins are on a guided tour as they are relatively inexpensive and allow you to skip the long lines.

Similarly, visiting the cenotes or limestone sinkholes is another amazing experience when in Tulum. With many cenotes to choose from, these limestone wonders will certainly add another dimension to your exciting trip to Tulum.

5. Rent a Car

When planning your visit to Tulum, you’ll learn that the closest airport in Cancún is two hours by car from Tulum. While you can book a roundtrip ticket with the many shuttles, buses, or car services from the airport to Tulum, this can cost upwards of $200. For a more inexpensive traveling experience, rent a car.

Many travelers either rent a car at the airport or pick one up when they arrive in Tulum. Having a car on this trip will help with travel as it is much easier to access the surrounding area with a car rental than on foot. If renting a car isn’t an option, consider a bike or scooter rental as these are another popular way to see the town.

A trip to Tulum is a truly unforgettable experience. Make the visit even more memorable by using this guide as you get ready for your next adventure.