Is it getting colder? Do you worry that your wardrobe is not fit for chilly and rainy days? How to prepare for the cold seasons without losing your style? Autumn can be dark, windy, and rainy, but it also creates a unique mood and ambiance, accompanied by a unique aesthetic. When we think of autumn, we think of rich and warm colors like green, golden yellow, orange, red, or brown. We think of soft fabrics like wool, polar fleece, or suede. Staying warm and fashionable in autumn is easy with the right approach. 

Here are five tips for a stylish autumn wardrobe. 

1. Choose the Right Colors 

When updating your wardrobe for autumn, you will realize that the color palette in clothing stores has changed. Some clothing brands focus on dark and neutral colors for their autumn/winter collections. Others get their inspiration from nature and focus on typical autumn colors like beige, orange, yellow, and brown.

Do you like the dense and warm look of autumn colors? If so, updating your wardrobe to fit the season can be an excellent idea. Not sure what autumn colors would best complement your style? There are plenty of options: gold, bronze, orange, dark reds, browns, creams, or yellow. However, if these colors don’t fit your style, you shouldn’t force yourself to adopt them. Dark and neutral colors are an excellent alternative for autumn. Navy, plum, dark greens, black, and gray are some elegant options to consider. 

Some colors, such as pastels, whites, and neons, are a better fit for summer and will not make a great impression when it’s dark and gloomy outside. Another aspect to consider is that cool colors like blue, purple, or black are better suited for people with a cool skin tone. Red, yellow, and orange are ideal for people with a warm skin tone. For a flattering look, take the time to pick the right colors. 

Autumn wardrobe for him and her

2. Plan Layered Outfits 

When picking clothing items for your autumn wardrobe, consider the temperature fluctuations. Although mornings and evenings are chilly, afternoons are still warm and pleasant. Wearing layers is the best way to stay comfortable throughout the day. Thus, planning layered outfits is the best approach to your autumn style. The rule is simple: you must be able to take off clothes as the temperature goes higher.

How to plan layered outfits? The ideal option for autumn is to dress in three layers and use your creativity to mix and match items in your wardrobe. Tank tops, camisoles, turtlenecks, and t-shirts in dark or neutral colors are ideal for the base layer. For the mid or outer layer, buttoned-down shirts, cardigans, blazers, and leather jackets are perfect options. Depending on the local weather, wearing layers is the most practical option. 

3. Find Knitwear That Reflects Your Style 

Your autumn wardrobe should be stylish but also practical. Facing cold, rainy, or windy autumn days in the wrong clothes can make you feel miserable. So, what are the best fabrics for cold weather? Fleece, cashmere, and flannel can protect you from the cold while also helping you look fashionable. However, another fabric should be the first choice this autumn: wool. Since it has insulating properties, wool is the best choice for the cold seasons. 

Do you want to stock up on gorgeous knit sweaters, cardigans, scarves, beanies, and socks made of soft natural wool? Check out Irish clothing to discover authentic items that will keep you warm and elevate your style. 

4. Find the Perfect Accessories 

Do you love playing with colors, fabrics, and textures? You can go a step further in autumn by wearing more accessories than usual. A scarf? A hat? Gloves? You don’t have to choose; wear multiple colorful accessories without worries because they can complement each other perfectly well. Autumn is the perfect season for berets, Irish tweed hats, stockings with fun designs and patterns, cashmere scarves, suede or silk gloves, and other beautiful accessories. 

If you typically wear bright, warm, or vibrant colors, choose accessories in dark or neutral colors to create a pleasant, flattering contrast. However, if whites and blacks are predominant in your closet, consider wearing accessories in vivid colors to make your outfits stand out. Another critical detail to remember is to combine fabrics. An only-suede or only-wool outfit is dull. 

5. Pair Pieces from Different Seasons

Another great tip is to pair clothing from different seasons to create versatile outfits. You don’t have to give up on your summer dresses or skirts only because it’s colder. With some layering, you can wear various summer pieces even in November. Why not wear your favorite summer dress with leggings and a long-sleeve top? Or your favorite crop top with a cardigan? Men can wear their favorite t-shirts or short-sleeve shirts with leather jackets. There are dozens of possible pairings. With this approach, you can get through autumn without having to buy new clothes. 

If summer pieces pair well with winter pieces, why not try the opposite? Take your winter basics out of the closet and use them as your base or mid-layer for your autumn outfits. Oversized blazers and turtleneck sweaters work well with summer dresses, midi skirts, or Bermuda shorts. Due to their comfy fabric and unique feel, corduroy pants work well with tops and other summer basics. 

Since autumn is a period of transition between warm and cold weather, mixing and matching is the best approach to fashion during this season. If you cannot afford to update your wardrobe with new items, pairing summer and winter pieces is an excellent way to create stylish outfits. So, mix and match colors, fabrics, patterns, and textures to find the look that best represents you. 

Final Words 

Each season has its aesthetic. If you’re passionate about fashion and style, the change in seasons should serve as inspiration. And autumn has its unique appeal. Whether you love it or hate it, autumn gives you many opportunities to express your style through colors and fabrics. Follow our tips to make sure your outfits will stand out.