It can be challenging to dress up for warm weather, especially if you are attending a wedding or special event. How do you dress up and look beautiful, without melting away in the heat? Luckily, a lot of cute clothing is made in lighter, breathable fabrics that help with keeping you fresh during warm weather. Below are five tips for dressing up in warm weather climates.

1. Wear Light Fabrics

Pay attention to the weight and fabric of clothes your purchase. Look for airy shirts and dresses to help you stay comfortable in the warm climates. Materials such as linen, silk, and light cotton are more relaxed and more breathable than fabrics like polyester or rayon.  Cotton is also an excellent fabric at absorbing sweat and dries fast. Lightweight materials are always unique for hot weather but look for materials with embroidery or seam so that they don’t cling to you as you start to sweat.

2. Light Colors & Accessories

White and light colors help keep your cool in the warmer weather. Bright colors help you stay fresh, so when choosing accessories, such as head scarfs, look for light and breezy fabrics. Using a scarf to keep the hair off your neck helps keep you fresh during the hot weather. Dark colors will absorb light and the sun’s heat, which will make you warmer, while light colors reflect the light and help keep you cool.

3. Drop the Sleeves

Warm weather climates allow for you to ditch the sleeves. Short sleeves help keep you cool in the heat. There are lots of pretty styles in sleeveless tops, dresses, rompers, etc. that can be worn for dressing up in warm weather. So, you can look stylish by keeping cool.

4. Wear Dress or Two-Piece Sets

In the summer, lots of pieces of clothing can be dressed up or down. You can add a blazer to a sleeveless dress, and that can work in the workplace, or at a special event. A beautiful pair of sandals are acceptable for wearing with skirts, dresses, rompers, or two-piece sets. Two-piece sets women are becoming a popular outfit piece for dressing up in the warm weather climates, especially with the many styles of sets, patterns, and fabrics they can be found in.

5. Layers and Unlined Clothing

Layer with open-weave knits, and you will feel instantly cooled down when a breeze hits. Wear looser fabric that is flowy will help you stay cool in the warmer weather climate. Try wearing unpadded, unlined bras in the summer, to avoid the dreaded boob sweat. An unlined jacket, skirt or dress can be layered to make an outfit, but also not having that extra layer on your skin, will allow for more airflow and help you keep cool during the hot weather months.


Dressing up in warm weather climate and keeping cool comes down to the fabrics you choose, and styles of clothes. Pick flowy, loose-fitting clothes, in light colors, will help you stay cool. Look for dresses, skirts, rompers, and two-piece sets made in light fabrics, such as cotton to help keep you cool that can be layered with accessories, or a blazer or jacket to make it a lot dressier for an occasion such as a wedding, work, or special event.