Some decades ago, people would not have imagined the present-day facilities that have been provided in extreme temperature zones. What a time it is to be alive. 

Huge buildings, roads, and supporting a population in an erstwhile desert area is obviously man-made marvel. It has taken years of technological development and research to lessen the gap between man and what used to be inhabitable. Machines have also been developed to adapt to these conditions. These are specially designed to sustain in extreme conditions for the functionality can be compromised if the components are not designed for particular conditions. Cars are one such type of machine whose durability and functioning can change in certain conditions. Here is a list of tips that every car owner should follow in a high-temperature environment. 

1. Park at the right Place

As with every other vehicle, parking at the right place is always on the car owner’s checklist. The space needs to be safe for the car and spacious enough to avoid any bumps or scratches. In a super hot environment, you need to do more than that. Never park your vehicle in sunlight for it will not only fade your car paint and its interiors but will also heat it up to very uncomfortable levels. You need to understand that the inside of a car is an enclosed space causing a greenhouse effect. Always prefer a shaded parking or an underground parking space to avoid any unpleasant incident. Too much heat can irreversibly damage a car and direct sunlight in a high-temperature zone will just do that.

2. Never Ignore the Tire Maintenance

The middle east can see an exponential rise in temperatures during the summer season. Nothing is left unaffected in such a temperature. Such extreme heat can have a negative effect on them if you are not vigilant. UAEtyres suggest that tires should be regularly rotated and should not be too old because worn-out tire pieces can pose a serious threat. They should have optimum air pressure for less air pressure can cause more friction between the tires and the road and increase heat in the process.  

3. You need to be careful with what you store inside the car

No matter how you try to protect your vehicle from extreme heat, it is bound to face some wrath of the extremity. The inside of the car is bound to get heated due to driving it through sunny roads. Even a shaded parking space will not keep its temperature down all the time. Hence be careful about the things that you plan to carry in your vehicle. Pressurized containers should never be left in the vehicle for they can explode due to overheating.

4. Pets of Children should never be left inside the vehicle without surveillance

Never leave pets or children unattended inside a car in a high-temperature zone. The exponential speed of heating can cause great harm to children and animals if not taken out immediately.

5. Go for Routine Car Checks

High-temperature zones cause more wear and tear to machinery and cars are no exception. Never miss your routine car checkups to avoid any sudden breakdowns later on.

You need to understand and remember that you are living in dry and desert conditions. The way you need certain help to survive and thrive in that environment must be the same for a man-made entity like the car. You should always follow precautionary tips if you own a car in such a harsh ecosystem. For someone who is new to such a place and has just bought a car, being vigilant all the time is what will govern your car’s health and longevity. It is better to be safe than sorry because the weather conditions in your place can completely damage your vehicle if the right steps are not taken.