The moment you and your family have been waiting for is finally an ultimate Pesach vacation. But with so many choices and opinions available, planning the perfect vacation can be challenging.

One of the most crucial parts of this much-needed vacation is choosing the right Passover resort for your family and yourself. There are so many out there, and finding the best Kosher resorts is crucial to your overall experience.  

Here are a few tips to help you choose a Passover resort for a fun-filled family Pesach vacation. 


Before picking the right Passover resort, you must choose the right location. 

Which place is the one you always wanted to visit? 

Choosing the right Passover resort will be much easier once you answer this question. First, decide the country you want to visit and then the part of the country you would like to stay. As many countries welcome Pesach tourists, your choices will be endless. But once you figure out the right location, everything that will follow will be a lot easier with the perfect planning. 


Upon deciding the right location for your family vacation, you will be hit with another crucial factor, food. It is crucial, especially when looking for a Passover resort that observes Jewish traditions and follows the dietary restrictions of catering food that is chametz-free and Passover kosher. 

You have to do a little research. Go to the resort’s website to ensure the resort follows Jewish traditions in food preparations. You can also email them all your questions or call them for better clarity on the food situation. 


Setting up a budget is always crucial while planning a family vacation. Numerous costs are involved, like plane tickets, food, activities, shopping, and most importantly, the resort. By setting up a budget, you can narrow down your options and find the best match for yourself. 

If you are thinking about something like a five-star resort, then you have to be ready to pay a higher price, but if you are willing to adjust with a decent and comforting three-star, then that’s okay too. Besides the budget, how much time you will spend in the resort also plays a crucial role in choosing between a five-star or three-star resort. 

Safety & Security

The safety and security of the family is always a huge concern, especially while traveling. Thus, before deciding on a resort, you need to research its safety and security. Luckily, many review websites have a dedicated rating section for safety. Also, you need to check with the resort what security measures they have in place to make their guest feel safe.

Dream List

A dream or bucket list is a list of different activities and experiences one wants to have while vacationing. You must check beforehand if you and your family have something similar in mind. See whether the resort you have chosen offers different activities and cultural events during your stay; also, if the resort is located in a region where such cultural activities and other experiences are accessible or nearby. 


At last, determine the requirements you want a resort to fulfill during your stay. Create a list of requirements with your family to ensure everyone can relax and have fun during the vacation. Check for the amenities, room sizes, and additional features like a swimming pool, golf course, family-friendly entertainment programs, etc. 

While creating the list of requirements, please try to have more reasonable expectations.  


These five easy-to-follow tips can help you find the perfect Passover resort where you and your family can have your best vacation. Also, do other crucial steps like online reviews and seek references to pick the best resort.