Las Vegas is a great destination for any vacation or chance to get away from the world. Or maybe you’re on a business trip over there and want to drive around in style. Whatever the case, renting a luxury car from the airport when you first land in the city is a great way to really get things going on your Vegas trip. Airport car rentals are convenient, accessible, usually offer 24-hour returns, and even have some amazing benefits/discounts for regular users. One such benefit is the ability to take a relatively new, low mileage, well-maintained luxury vehicle out for a spin while you’re in the city. Here are five of the many types of awesome luxury vehicles you can rent at an airport.

Toyota Camry

The humble Toyota Camry is one of the best-selling cars in the USA right now, largely due to its incredible fuel efficiency and high performance. It also has a great look, magnificent engine, and high-quality suspension, giving you a smooth ride every time. For those longer trips, the car is equipped with a robust multimedia system including a Wi-Fi hotspot and waste access smartphone functions via the vehicle. The Camry also features all-wheel drive, making it easy to navigate or commute. Renting one affords you the opportunity to drive around the city in a cool car with amazing functions that can also handle most of the terrain you’re going to be traversing. Unfortunately, the car is a little louder on the inside than some other vehicles but that’s scarcely a reason not to try out this fantastic luxury vehicle for your car rental. 

Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is a powerful luxury car that looks good, is highly affordable, and runs extremely well. It has amazing fuel economy (39 miles per gallon at least). The safety features are also some of the best you’ll find in a compact car on the road today. If you’re looking for something that’s sleek and versatile, but also a bit understated then the Nissan Versa is for you. It has an affordable rental structure because it is not as high-end of a luxury vehicle as a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. It is, however, a high-performance vehicle that can handle pretty much anything the city has to offer.

Mercedes Benz A-Class

After landing in Vegas, you will definitely need some transportation. When you’re looking for a luxurious and convenient car rental near Las Vegas airport, you may be surprised to find that sometimes the best options are located nearby—often within the airport itself. And if that weren’t convenient enough, you can often rent a luxury vehicle for a relatively small cost. Take the Mercedes Benz A-Class, for instance. A compact car, the vehicle is a luxury ride with plush interior and plenty of media options. The sedan also features blind-spot monitoring, so you can avoid potential dangers with ease. Oh, and you can rent one for a little over $100/day. That’s really not bad considering the fees and transportation costs you’d have when seeking car rentals throughout the city. 

When you’re seeking a convenient way to drive through Vegas in style, you can’t go wrong with a Mercedes.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The funny thing about jeeps is that they aren’t usually considered to be luxury vehicles, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee does meet the criteria to be considered one. A power SUV, the Jeep can offer a smooth ride and incredibly high performance. It’s also ideal for handling rough terrain or long road trips. Despite this, it’s a pretty comfortable ride. Jeep Grand Cherokees are such popular vehicles that there’s even a robust used market for them. So maybe your rental could lead to possibly purchasing one down the line. Oftentimes, the car rental company can put together a quote for you that you can pay at a flexible rate or get a discount if you pay online all at once. The choice is ultimately yours!


When it comes to luxury vehicles, BMWs are often the cream of the crop. Models including X3, the three, and the five series are renowned for their high quality and amazing performance. They’re incredibly fast, handle easily, offer powerful performance, and just plain look good. There’s a reason that BMWs are considered one of America’s favorite luxury vehicles. Even better, you can try one out when you take one out as an airport rental car. Even if you’re not planning to buy one, later on, you can still experience the glory and majesty of driving a BMW across Las Vegas as you enjoy everything the final luxury vehicle has to offer.