Drapes and furniture upholstery give definition to your home. That’s why a lot of thought and creativity is required for deciding which fabric will suit your home space best. The focus in upholstery is more on the colors and the texture of the fabric rather than just superfluous designs. The way the curtains flow, the touch of the cushion fabric on your skin, the feel of the sofa when you lie down on it – these factors make all the difference in the holistic ambiance. 

We have curated some uber niche fabrics for sophisticated home decor.

Revolutionary and Sustainable Natural Hues 

Plant-based materials which reduce our dependence on finite resources are a true evolution in home furnishing. Faux leather finish in natural colors like stone gray, space black, coffee bean browns, evening sky scarlet, and matcha greens are subtle choices for warm soothing decor. There is an increasing demand for revolutionary textiles made with a sustainable outcome in mind. They are recyclable and biodegradable. Pro-environment is the new grading for luxury. Check out Ultrafabrics, which unites Japanese craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainably focused innovation to design intelligent fabrics.

Antibacterial Fabrics

With the pollution levels at an all-time high, we all look for natural pure spaces where one can breathe better. Meticulously engineered and extremely durable, these fabrics deliver a full portfolio of performance and protection qualities: moisture repellency, solar endurance, colorfastness, climate control technology, and EPA-registered defense against microbes, bacteria, and mildew. The colors and texture of such fabrics create an inviting, detoxifying aura in any application.

Matte Understated

Subtle decor in a matte finish is in trend and so are these fabrics in micro-beaded texture. There are options in saturated colors like bear brown, berry red, lychee violet, marine blue, and emerald green. Sofa and ottoman upholstery in matte leather against a dramatic wall with gold accents are the aesthetic you can create with a delicious fabric like this. The saturated colors create an unparalleled sensorial experience. You are sure to create a bold aesthetic and deliver an unforgettable styling with these surfaces.

Durable and Low Maintenance 

These fabrics are made to last with little or no fuss. Fabrics that are smart and sustainable to the point they don’t need heavy maintenance. Not only a product of form, function, and innovation, but these futuristic fabrics also feature state-of-the-art matte texture. This texture is oh-so-stylish to display on your furniture pieces in both commercial and residential spaces. Colors such as honey beige, root beer browns, glaze gray, pool turquoise with geometric patterns will add a touch of elegance to a classy interior.

Light and Lush

Shimmery fabrics can add drama to a kitsch corner of a place. They are lightweight and have an unexpected texture for modernist decor. Curtains in frosty blue-gray colors with that hint of sparkle in them announce luxury and indulgence. Shimmer fabrics are great for rooms where most of the parties are going to be hosted as they look celebratory and upbeat, especially in the evenings. Drape your dining chairs with bronze brown for a cozy but niche presentation.


Make arresting choices with an indulgent but eco-friendly taste. Since these fabrics are designed to be used for indoor upholstery, they are breathable and do not block airflow. Natural fabrics look more authentic as compared to synthetic ones. Color combinations of the fabric, walls, and furniture, if used well, can make a place look spacious. Use smart designs to create a place you are proud of walking into.