All that your newborn needs in their first three months is to be fed, have their diapers changed and be put to sleep. As simple as it may look, caring for a newborn, especially for the first time, is challenging and hard. You deserve to have all the accessories and items to facilitate the process for you and make your little one comfortable and happy. Even though there are plenty of baby products found in stores, your baby won’t need a lot. All you need for your angel is a few bottles, diapers, and a comfy place for them to sleep and snuggle. On that note, read on to find out the 6 important items you need for your little one.

1. Changing Table

Since you need to handle your baby carefully, you must be extra careful when you’re changing their diapers. That’s why you will find a changing table extremely beneficial when handling your baby’s nappies; it will facilitate the process and make you more in control. Since you will be changing many diapers, you can place their diapers, rash cream, wipes, and onesies on this table to make things easier for you. A lot of parents use a changing pad on a dresser as a less expensive alternative.

2. Car Seat

Your child’s safety should be your priority. Therefore, a car seat should top your shopping list. This is where you place your baby since day one in any car ride, especially on your way home from the hospital. Don’t jeopardize your baby’s safety, and invest in a non-toxic car seat that will keep your newborn comfortable and protected. Make sure not to buy a used car seat because safety regulations change over the years, and you need one that meets all the current safety guidelines. You need to invest in authentic baby goods that are gentle and safe for your baby. Always choose organic, non-toxic, and naturally-sourced items for your baby.

3. Crib and Mattress

The first two things you want to add to your baby’s nursery are a crib or a Moses basket and a firm mattress. Avoid buying a fluffy mattress, as it can suffocate and smother your baby while they’re asleep. Instead, invest in soft linens and tuck them properly into the mattress. Many parents don’t use cribs right away, yet it is better to have one in your newborn’s nursery. Babies grow out of bassinets in no time, so it is better to have a set-up crib ready ahead of time.

4. Nursing Pillow

Since you’re going to feed your baby probably more than 15 times a day, you need to make this as comfortable as possible for you. A nursing pillow will make you sit in a proper posture and help your baby feed comfortably. This pillow is designed to support your little one while they’re feeding, and it helps you avoid straining your shoulder and neck. It is better to substitute a regular pillow with a nursing one as it is more convenient to keep your baby in position.

5. Bathtub

Even though babies’ skin is soft and delicate, they need to be bathed pretty much every day. Your newborn’s bath won’t last more than five minutes, in which you give them a quick wipe with a sponge and a baby shampoo. A good bathtub will make bathing time so much easier for both of you. There are available bathtubs that suit babies since day one, so make sure you invest in one of those. Plastic tubs are easier to clean, and inflatable tubs come in handy while traveling.

6. Pacifiers

A pacifier is the new mom’s best friend as they work magic to soothe babies and put them to sleep. Newborns like to suck on something all the time to feel comfortable and safe. That’s probably why they are super attached to breastfeeding or bottles. Ensure that you feed your angel until they’re full, and then use a pacifier to keep them calm and happy. Invest in nipple-like newborn pacifiers to comfort them the best you can.

newborn baby

When it comes to caring for a newborn, there is a long to-do list involved. You do a lot of shopping to prepare for their arrival and care for their health and well-being. As a new mom, all you need to do is comfort your baby, especially in their first three months. To do so, you should invest in some tools and accessories that will make everyday tasks easier and smoother. The above list includes the necessary items you will need to easily care for your newborn as soon as they arrive.