Travelling and vacations are usually defined as a joyful and relaxing time, but we all know that’s now always the case. The anxiety that comes with airports and baggage claims and everything in between is very real. Especially when you aren’t equipped with the right baggage that’ll ensure all your belongings get to your destination in one piece. 

And even if they do arrive, there’s always the chance someone will swipe your luggage before you can. Getting to your hotel isn’t any better. What do you do with your valuables? Do you carry them with you? Lock them away? 

There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to traveling with your belongings safely. Next time you head for a destination, make sure to follow these 6 tips to ensure you don’t spend the week reusing the same outfit because yours was somehow lost in transit. 

1) Purchasing Unique Luggage 

The easiest way around avoiding any mix-ups at the airport is by purchasing a luggage set or travel bag that will stand out. This way, no stranger will mistakenly end up with yours, leaving you with nothing – at least temporarily. 

Looking for bags with bright colors or unique patterns is the way to go. Avoid the black, navy blues, and reds, and you’ll thank us later. If you’re in the market for good new quality luggage, has a variety of luggage that you can look through to find your right match. If you aren’t in the market for a new set of luggage, tying a ribbon or something bright to your luggage handle can help you spot before anyone else can when you head to baggage claim. 

Opting for the hardshell case is always a good option if you want to offer your belongings a little extra protection from the jostling of the flight. 

2) Using Luggage Tags 

A bright luggage tag is actually something you could use to make your luggage more noticeable, but that isn’t all it’s good for. Having a luggage tag means your chances of having your belongings returned if it is lost are much higher. 

Even if someone accidentally picks yours up – they’ll automatically know who to return it to. It’s important to always have the right information on the tag. On your way to the destination, you should have the address of your resort, hotel, or Airbnb. On your way home, you should swap that information for your home address. 

Your name and phone number are usually also included on the luggage tag, but the amount of detail on the tag depends on your own comfort level. 

3) Use The Hotel Safe 

So you’ve arrived at your destination with you and your belongings in one piece – what now? Well, the chances are if you’re in a hotel, they’ll be a safe readily available for you to use. It’s recommended that you lock up any important documents – like a passport in the safe to ensure you won’t have trouble getting back home. 

It’s also integral to split your cash up depending on each activity. You should never have all your money on you at any time. Always lock it in the safe and take from it as the vacation goes on. Any expenses pieces of jewelry and electronics can also be put in the safe. 

Remember to use a strong password! 

4) Theft Proof Bags 

If you aren’t staying in a hotel or housing that provides a safe, keeping your money and documents on your may be the only option. That means it’s integral to invest in a theft-proof bag

These bags can come in the form of purses, fanny packs, backpacks, and so much more. They often involve heavy-duty zippers that can be locked and unlocked only with a key or code. 

secure your belongings when travel

5) Buy Travel Insurance 

You’ve probably been told not to invest in travel insurance before, but here’s why you should. Those “just in case” moments sometimes come true, and you never know when it’s going to be your turn. 

You can invest in insurance that’ll help secure any belonging you have over a certain price and essentially the finances of your trip. 

6) Hold The Instagram Post 

In a world where social media rules, it might seem hard to hold off on posting that perfect Insta photo; however, it’s important you still have belongings at home you want to protect. 

If you don’t have a house sitter or at least helpful neighbors, you’ll never know who’ll take you being out of town as an opportunity to snag some goodies from your home. 

Home security systems can also help avoid this problem!