They say nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes. While it may not be guaranteed, it is very likely that, at some point in life, you or someone you know will have the misfortune of being in an accident of sorts. Such situations can leave you hurt, emotionally scarred, and in debt. It can be a traumatic experience, if not because of injuries sustained, then because of the resulting aftermath. Whether you had your accident at work, on the road, or somewhere public, you have the right to seek justice. Here are the top 6 ways to get justice after an accident.

1.  Vehicle Repair Compensation

If the nature of your accident was vehicle-related, you could seek compensation in the form of vehicle repair cost reimbursement. The at-fault party is legally liable to compensate you for the expense incurred to fix your car if needed. Frequently, this money is paid out by the at-fault party’s insurance. All states have minimum requirements for car owners. In the event the at-fault party does not have insurance, which is illegal, your insurance can cover you without increasing your monthly premiums. If either party’s insurance does not want to make a payout, they may be engaging in bad faith insurance. You’ll find that these pros in Oakland explain how personal injury attorneys can help you seek your rightful compensation from insurance companies in such situations.

2.  Lost Wages Compensation

You are entitled to seek compensation from the liable party for the money you lost due to your accident. Oftentimes, after an accident, you may need time off work to recover. This time will naturally be unpaid, and the liable party should compensate you for the wages you missed. The amount awarded in such scenarios is generally your hourly wage multiplied by the number of days or hours lost from work. However, it is best to have an attorney seek this compensation for you and run their calculations on the figure owed to you.

3.  Medical Expense Reimbursement

The most basic form of justice sought after by individuals in accidents is having the liable party pay their medical bills. We all understand that medical care is costly and that unexpected expenses of this magnitude can be difficult, sometimes impossible, for people to pay off. In such cases, it is your right to seek reimbursement or a direct payment toward your medical bills by the legally liable party.

4.  Physical Therapy

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered physical injuries, your medical bills do not end at emergency care. Usually, if the injury sustained is significant, the injured party will require ongoing physical therapy. This therapy can be temporary or even permanent. In such scenarios, the responsible party should cover these expenses.

Injured person on a wheelchair due to an accident

5.  Emotional Trauma

Car accidents come with the pain that is often intangible. Those who have been in an accident often suffer emotional trauma. This can manifest in multiple ways. A common manifestation of such trauma is post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. To get justice in such cases, you will be examined by a qualified psychiatric healthcare professional who will act as an expert and testify that the trauma you are experiencing is resultant from the accident. In such cases, the liable party will pay out a settlement. It can vary from case to case in terms of the amount awarded or the payment structure. Such scenarios require an experienced attorney to be successful.

6.  Punitive Damages

Seeking punitive damages may be the most challenging way to get justice after an accident, but it is possible. Punitive damages are awarded in cases as means of punishing the liable party and are not usually awarded in accident cases because, by nature, the liable party was not intentionally hurting the injured party. However, if the manner of the accident was egregious enough, punitive damages may be awarded. To seek punitive damages in personal injury cases, it is highly advised to seek legal counsel to facilitate it.

Accidents are avoidable. But whether the responsible party was negligent or not, they are liable for the damage you sustain. You can seek justice in many ways, and oftentimes can pursue multiple paths at once. Any of the ways mentioned above are not mutually exclusive and, depending on the nature and severity of your accident, you may be awarded compensation on all six fronts. If you do plan to pursue monetary compensation, it is advised to seek the help of an experienced, qualified personal injury attorney. Insurance companies will try and avoid payouts, and liable parties will dismiss their responsibility if possible. Hire a lawyer to fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.