For many men, leaving home and experiencing true independence is a turning point of huge significance, one that usually serves as an impetus of sorts. As a result, many guys want to start developing and refining their personal styles as they discover more about themselves and what makes them unique.

However, most people have to work within certain constraints and limitations while doing so, and budgets are no exception. That’s why it’s important to determine exactly which pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories are worth the investment. Unfortunately, most menswear guides of this nature tend to cater to professionals who already possess a certain level of purchasing power.

What’s a hapless lad to do, then, you might ask? Fear not, because you’ll find everything you need to be a sharper, smarter dresser on this list—and you won’t have to blow your entire monthly budget to do it. Read on to learn more:



First of all, you’ll want to invest in high-quality socks for all occasions from brands such as Burlix men’s socks. It’s important to have the right kind of socks for different shoes, not only for aesthetics but also for comfort. Some brands offer pairs for casual, everyday use, while others sell pairs designed especially for athletic activities. Other brands even sell socks that go great with dress shoes for the occasional date night or formal event. In addition to basic colors, you’ll want to grab a few pairs that come in patterns that catch your eye. These should give you enough options to change it up now and then.


When it comes to accessories, it’s the little things that matter. Even having only one great pair in your possession can elevate the look of any daytime outfit. The trick is to make sure to buy sunglass frames appropriate for your face shape so that the style complements your features. 

There’s a general rule about going for rounded frames if you have a square-shaped face. Conversely, it’s best to pick square or angular frames if your face is more rounded. However, the best way to find out which ones will suit you the most is by going out there and trying some out until you find a pair you love. You can also consult various guides on choosing sunglass frames for specific face shapes to familiarize yourself with some of the basic concepts before shopping. 


wardrobe essential for men


Some men can get tripped up on the sheer variety of tops available to them out there, but in most cases, you’ll probably only need to focus on casual tops such as t-shirts, sweaters, and button-ups. You might want to invest in at least one or two formal collared shirts for special occasions, but otherwise, you’ll want to spend the bulk of your money on clothes you can wear every day and for all sorts of activities.

For t-shirts, you don’t have to stick to the classic round-neck style. Try switching it up with different collars, such as V-necks or Henleys. Make sure that they fit you well—you want a silhouette that is neither too loose nor too tight. You can also try wearing printed shirts, Steven Rhodes collection offers a wide variety of printed shirts, from different sizes to different eye-catching designs.

Button-ups are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the circumstances. You can also layer them on top of your t-shirts to add warmth and dimension. Aim to have at least one Oxford, one chambray, and one denim button-up shirt in your closet, and you should be good to go.


Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with wearing jeans. They’re ubiquitous, not too expensive, long-lasting, and available in a wide variety of styles and washes. Try to have at least one pair in unwashed dark denim and one in a medium blue rinse. The former can be dressed up or down as necessary, while the latter is a casual wear staple that you’ll likely find yourself reaching for often. 

Man cannot live in denim jeans alone, though. To add diversity to your growing wardrobe, consider purchasing a couple of pairs of chinos. Go for classic shades such as grey, navy, and olive if you’d like to spend less time color-coordinating your outfit in the morning.



If you’re going to be spending the next few years hustling, then sneakers will most likely be your new best friend. They’re a great everyday shoe, and a quality pair should serve you well for a couple of years.  

wardrobe essential for men

Dress Shoes

Last but not least, you’ll want to have at least one pair of dress shoes on standby in case you need to attend any formal events. You most likely won’t be using these every day, but it’s still a good idea to take care of them even if they’re just sitting in storage.

All in all, the trick is to invest in foundational pieces, which are basic items that you absolutely must have in your closet. You can think of foundational pieces as the building blocks for a well-balanced and stylish wardrobe. The idea is to buy plenty of these items and to replenish your stock regularly when they’ve worn out. As long as you stick to this list, you should be able to get all these fashion essentials without breaking the bank.