One way to great kitchen design is by having an up to trend countertop. The countertop in our kitchens or bathrooms is more important than we think. It has to be practical and also attractive.

If you are thinking of changing your countertop and want new trendy ways, here are some ideas that you can do in your home.

A New Design In Your Home

DIY countertop

DIY crafts are the new hit in home trends nowadays. You can always create some home essentials with some handmade steps. Moving forward, this – definitely – can be applied on kitchen countertops. The first thing you’ll need to do in order to install it is to create a template. To do so, you’re going to use a tape measure to take your surface measurements. Second, you can use some sheets of poster board to finish creating the template. Keep in mind that you might need to connect the pieces using tape.

The most critical part of creating your countertop is choosing the material. You can use Laminate or Formica. Also, Concrete, Stainless Steel or Ceramic tiles are not going to be too costly while designing it.

You might want to go to an advanced level and use recycled glass. If you’re that person, you’ll be creating a masterpiece and come up with unlimited designs and patterns for your countertop.

Granite Tiles

Installing a granite countertop is the best option, especially if it’s near a cooktop. When placed in the kitchen, granite will be very practical and attractive. If purchasing a granite countertop sounds expensive, you can replace it with granite tiles.

Granite tiles will give the same look and is as practical as solid granite. You might find cutting a Granite tile challenge. But here’s the trick, using a wet saw makes the cutting process a lot easier. Then you’ll be on to your next and final phase, which is the installation. It is always recommended to use spacers to separate the tiles.

One more thing to keep in mind is to always keep your grout clean and wipe out any spills immediately.

Modern laminate

If you choose to go with Laminate countertops, you’ll need to give extra attention to some installation tips. Laminate has the advantage of being quite flexible so it can be changed at a whim. Also, it’s not very costly like other materials, and it has a shining granite effect. The types of edges you choose for your laminate countertop are important. The shape you select along with the type of edge can have a massive effect on how the countertop looks.


When you think of concrete, you always think of a material that is strong in solidity, toughness, and durability. Having a countertop that has all these attributes can be the answer to all the problems you might face with other fragile materials.

The concrete is made of the materials that you find on the sidewalks, such as cement and sand. However, it can still crack. But the good news here is that the concrete cracks can easily be fixed and are very hard to notice. When looking for an old school look for your countertop, concrete is the best solution for you.


Choosing copper countertops might be your best pick if you have a lot of family members. The copper material is antimicrobial, which means that it’s one of the easiest materials that can always be kept clean. That contributes to extra food safety and healthier meals.

Also, copper is a new hit with home decorations; it can make you stand out of the crowd if you use it. Unlike most of the other materials, it gives your kitchen a rustic look which also makes your kitchen very stylish as well as being very user-friendly for all the family members.


Wood countertops can be extremely useful in many aspects. It can contribute to the overall appearance of your kitchen. That’s the main reason why most people tend to choose wood for their countertops.

Also, wood guarantees you a wide variety of options. It could be bamboo, maple, oak, cherry, birch, and teak.

Nevertheless, wooden surfaces are very good with knives. And that will provide you with a perfectly practical work surface

Choosing the right countertop

Before changing your countertop or installing a new one, you should know first what would fit your needs. There are a lot of materials and shapes that you can choose from. Knowing what edges you want is also essential when selecting the material. Some edges don’t fit certain materials. Once you know the material you’re going to go for, the rest should be smooth sailing!