Businesses are warming up to the idea of creating a healthy workplace environment to keep their employees happy and productive. Statistics show that employees work better, and are more inclined to stay loyal to a company that provides them with workplace wellness. As much as 87% of employees are committed to a healthy office environment. This is especially true during the pandemic. Many employers and business owners are now turning to on site business COVID testing in Toronto and other cities around the word. Regular tests can help detect an active case of the virus before it has the chance to spread, protecting employees and customers alike.

Additionally, employers would see that office wellness practices reduce employee health care costs shouldered by the company as much as 60% of the time. Maintaining a healthy office work environment is a two-way street that benefits both the business and the people within the organization.

6 Ways to Create Office Wellness:

1. Have regular office cleaning services

The cleanliness of the office is the first step to consider when it comes to maintaining a healthy workplace. Dust, debris, and dirt can cause allergies around the office, which hinder productivity and keep employees from functioning properly. Germs can also easily spread around a dirty office, and with the recent pandemic, getting sick is not ideal for anybody.

There are B2B companies that offer office cleaning services to upkeep commercial spaces. Your business can avail of office maintenance services from these companies, and keep your office free from germs, viruses, and bacteria that may plague your workplace. 

Other than regular everyday cleaning, part of office maintenance is deep cleaning the exterior, as well as furniture, carpets, and curtains if any. Regular cleaning is essential for everyday upkeep, while deep cleaning should be done at least once per season.

2. Provide stress management seminars

With the stress of daily tasks, employees may not be able to manage their time and stress well. Providing stress management seminars as part of your office wellness program is a great way to engage with your employees, and provide them with the avenues to destress after a long day of work. 

Stress management seminars can bring out the problems in the workplace that need to be addressed by the manager or supervisor. In fact, businesses can see a return on investment (ROI) of around 1.5x to 3x their initial capital when applying for wellness programs within the office to reduce stress, and encourage a healthy workspace. 

3. Place air purification systems in the office

Offices are known to be stuffy, humid, and sometimes musty due to the closed space. When air quality around the office suffers, so does the productivity of employees. By placing air purifiers around the office in a strategic manner, you can keep the airflow in the workplace clean and crisp. 

Improved air quality is one great way to maintain a healthy workspace. As employees breathe in the office air for the majority of their day, they also inhale any floating particles that can cause allergies or make them sick. Air purifiers help to control the amount of particulate matter while dissipating the humidity in the room as well.

4. Optimize your business operations

Most businesses may already have separate departments that focus solely on their strengths, like marketing, management, sales, and more. However, business operations can falter during collaborations when one or more departments have misunderstandings. 

The work is often hindered by misunderstandings and disagreements brought on by scattered operational flows. Optimize your business using digital tools, and streamline communications throughout departments for faster and more efficient business operational systems! By streamlining operations, you create a healthy communication channel around the office.

5. Team building activities help collaborations

You often hear companies leading team-building activities to strengthen the communication among employees, promote proper workplace ethics, and build up your workforce for better efficiency. Team building is also part of maintaining healthy relationships among co-workers! Get the whole team on board with fun activities meant to open up to each other.

There are event organizations that host team-building events and activities for companies. Your business may benefit from hiring an event organizer instead of taking time to plan out the activities and execute them yourself. In the age of work-from-home setups, companies have set up to conduct online team-building events, so you’re never out of options! 

6. Digitize your operations

Finally, digitizing your operations promotes workplace security, which leads to a healthier work environment that streamlines operations, decreases the stress levels of employees, and provides productivity that is much more efficient than manual operations.

By digitizing your files and project data, you get to secure these in cloud storage that only you and select employees have access to. Data security is one essential component in maintaining a healthy workplace, and there are companies that specifically offer digital security for a wide range of companies – from small startups to large multinational corporations!