#1. Freshness 

You don’t have to be a coffee enthusiast to loathe the unpleasant taste of coffee brewed using stale coffee beans. You might think heading to a grocery store every week will ensure your coffee is fresh. However, the coffee you select might have been in the warehouse for months. 

Roasted coffee produced carbon dioxide, part of which accounts for the beans’ freshness after roasting. The gradual release of carbon dioxide continues up to the point where you brew coffee. While vacuum-sealing the coffee, as is the case with store-bought coffee, reduces the speed of carbon dioxide release, it does not eradicate the loss of freshness.

If you love fresh coffee, your best solution is to purchase fresh coffee beans online. Choose a  subscription from producers who roast your coffee beans upon order. That way, you’ll get the freshest beans delivered to your home or office at your preferred schedule.

#2. Delivery

It’s safe to say that you don’t like the hassle and time wastage of walking or driving to the grocery store just to pick a bag of coffee. If that’s you, simply buy a coffee subscription to take away this hassle.

You might not stress over going to the grocery for your coffee when you run out. After all, you can pick a coffee bag along with other items during your weekly shopping. However, your mind might fail you. It’s easy to forget to take a bag of coffee while shopping. What’s worse is that you’re most likely to remember you need coffee when you want a cup.

Do you get the point? There are many scenarios that make it better to have your coffee delivered to you. A coffee subscription will ensure your favorite kind of coffee gets to your office, home, or business when needed. Importantly, you don’t have to worry about driving or walking to the store.

 #3. Variety 

While many grocery stores do stock a variety of coffee, more often than not, the variety available is not as expansive as what coffee roasters offer. Grocery stores only stock commercial brands of coffee as it would be a high risk to sell a coffee brand nobody knows. Interestingly, most of these brands come from one supplier.

Going the coffee subscription route allows you to explore different kinds of coffee and signature blends not available in most grocery stores.

Coffee Subscription

As an example, Starbucks offers over 50 different blends. On the other hand, how many blends do your local grocery stores stock? Newbeans has about 100 blends, but you’ll typically find not more than half of the blends stocked in any store.

In a nutshell, buying your coffee from a coffee roaster will expose you to a wide variety of coffee blends you will have a hard time finding at your local store.

#4. Single-Origin

Single-origin coffee classifies coffee beans that come from one country or geographic region. In some cases, it is coffee that has been harvested from the same estate or multiple farms in the same area. 

It’s doubtful you’ll find single-origin coffee stocked in your local grocery store. While many brands carry the single-origin tag on their products, in reality, this is not the case. The term single-origin is pretty vague. Coffee grown in different ends of the country can still be called single-origin. Additionally, traders only need to add a small percentage of the beans from a particular region to claim single-origin status. All this is possible as there are no specific rules to labeling coffee.

So, how are coffee subscriptions able to help your get genuine single-origin coffee? Most coffee roasters will avail samples of coffee from different regions of the world, including authentic single-origin coffee.

#5. Value

There are huge savings to gain from coffee subscriptions. For instance, you’ll save the time and money involved in searching for a great cup of coffee. Additionally, the bulk supply you get from a subscription will reduce the amount you spend per cup. That’s because your subscription will remove the overhead costs in your coffee arising from the middleman. Overall, there are some significant savings to accrue from a coffee subscription.

You also need to acknowledge that most subscriptions come at a lower price than retail prices. While the price-off might look small, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run, especially if you consume a lot of coffee. Some subscribers report accruing a saving of up to 15% by signing up for a coffee subscription.

There is also the intangible value you cannot get from buying your coffee from the store. For instance, a subscription comes with excellent education about coffee. Most subscription services providers who sell their coffee online have exclusive blogs, communities, and newsletters. You’ll also learn about new blends and additional information every coffee enthusiast will love.

#6. Customization of the blend

Subscription plans can meet your preference far better than store-bought coffee. For instance, if no particular type of coffee bean cannot meet your preference, a subscription plan can provide a bespoke blend for you. Roasters have a profiling and tasting system that gives subscribers a chance to choose their coffee based on attributes such as body, aroma, acidity, and taste. 

However, not all subscription services provide this, and some will require their subscribers to make a minimum purchase to access these services.

#7. Reliability

When we talk of reliability, we look at it from the perspective of your regular coffee spot. We appreciate as a coffee enthusiast; you are willing to walk or drive to your favorite coffee shop. However, even that coffee shop may close unexpectedly. It might be the case that they roast fewer bags, leaving you without your coffee supply.

A subscription plan will ensure you get your favorite cup of coffee whenever you want one. And with the coffee subscription plan being a competitive space, service providers are looking to keep every customer they get. As such, you can rest assured your coffee will arrive on schedule as part of their customer retention plan.