In order to make a house a home, there are plenty of easy steps. Many people hang pictures and memories on the walls. They put the family recipe book in the kitchen. The old dinner table is brought in and a grill is put in the backyard for neighborhood parties, or they do bathroom remodeling.

There are also other, more difficult ways to make a house really feel like it’s yours. You can redo the kitchen, put new windows or redo the bathroom. Remodeling the bathroom, even if it’s simply tidying up and adding new appliances, is a great way to increase your home’s value. Not only that, but you can feel more and more like the house is becoming yours.

So if you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, what should you be doing? Should you just walk in with a sledgehammer and start knocking things out? Even though that would be lots of fun, there are other, more important steps to take.

Set the Budget

As with all remodeling projects, having a budget set ahead of time is a great way to make sure you’re not overspending and you’re staying within your means. It would be fantastic if you could write a blank check, but that’s not always possible.

Some bathroom remodels can be inexpensive, such as replacing faucets or adding a new mirror. Others, like adding a tub or replacing the shower can hit your wallet much harder.

Do you research and see how much remodeling is going to cost before you commit to exactly what you want to do.

Find the Right Company

Your needs for the bathroom will determine what kind of company you choose. If you’re just looking for repairs, then company A might be better than company B. If you’re looking to do a complete overhaul, then other companies might specialize in that.

Take time to examine each company before making your final choice. Talk with and negotiate the prices on various items and construction costs so you can be sure of what you’re getting when the time comes to start the remodeling process.

Bring in the Light

Now we can move onto the more enjoyable parts of remodeling, talking about design! One of the best trends in bathroom design and design overall is letting as much natural light into rooms as possible. Not only does it look great, but it will help save on your energy bills for the upcoming future.

This doesn’t mean installing a huge window, but you can put a window in the top of your bathroom to let light in from the top.

Make it the Right Size

Since this is going to be your bathroom, it’s best to make things as well-suited as possible for you, correct? This means making the entry to the shower, bathtub and height of the sink perfect for you and your family.

Measure out what the perfect height would be and how you can go about making that a reality.

Dry it Out

One of the biggest areas for mold in your entire house is the bathroom. With lots of water collecting and humidity, it can be a mold hotspot for many.

Make sure you’re installing a ventilation fan if you haven’t already or have a small window that can be opened after each bath or shower. That way you’ll be able to clear out the humidity quickly and easily.

Ditch the Tub

If you find yourself never taking baths, why not ditch the bathtub altogether? This means you can have more space for your shower, putting in a tall shower head, massage jets or both!

This is definitely one of the pricier renovations but once you’ve experienced it, it can be well worth it!

Invest in Smart Technology

Another way to drive up the value of your house, smart technology makes your life easier as well. There are plenty of ways to turn your bathroom into a smart bathroom, like smart lights, heated toilet seats, automatic sinks and smart showers.There are also voice activated items and wireless speakers to really make you feel like you’re a pilot.

Not only will you feel like a Jetson, but these smart devices will also help save you money in your energy and water consumption.