When you have children, you finally understand the value of having a family, and as they get older, you also begin to understand that time is fleeting, and you can’t get that lost time back. This is why it’s so crucial that you make it a point to bond with your children at every given opportunity and make the time to do so. If you’re overwhelmed with work, then you need to make sure that the weekends are devoted to spending quality time with your kids.

 This is why we’ve made a list of 7 great ways for you and your children to bond.

Go camping

Camping is a great way to get your children away from the allure of technology. It’s challenging to get their eyes off their screens- whether it’s TV, computer games, or their phones. Camping is a great way to get your kids into the outdoors, connect with nature, and of course, with one another. It allows you to teach them skills in the outdoors and do things together that will enable you to get active together.

Turn your backyard into a wonderland

When it comes to the weekend, there are times where you just need to relax but want to give time to your kids still and create bonding experiences. And this is doable! All you need to do is turn your backyard into a fun space. Think about getting an inflatable hot tub, especially if the weather is a bit chilly. Make sure to purchase reliable companies, though some retailers aren’t as reliable according to this comparison on https://www.inflatablehottubhq.com/big-lots-advantages/.  Make sure to check out product reviews and comparisons as well, so you’ll be able to get the best value for money. If it’s a bit warmer, then you can get an inflatable pool, a slip and slide, and even water guns. Make water balloons create an obstacle course or a treasure hunt- there are so many things you can do with open outdoor space!

Learn something new together

There’s no better way to create memories with your kids than to learn something new together. Think about signing up for different kinds of classes every weekend to discover what it is your kid likes the most so you can both get into it together. The possibilities are endless, and you’re bound to find something that will spark an interest. From arts and crafts to sports, to musical instruments and even dance- these are all options that you both will have a blast exploring together. Teach your kids that nothing is off-limits so that they can appreciate the fact that you’re never going to judge them and that you’re willing to do anything at all just to spend time with them.

building a treehouse for your child

Build a treehouse

If you have the space for it, then you need to look into building a treehouse with your kids on the weekends. This will entice them to leave the house and their electronic devices, you’ll teach them useful skills to understand materials and how to build, and you’ll bond with one another, especially when it’s all done. You get to spend the weekends up in the treehouse that you made together.

Create traditions

The best way to have an unbreakable bond with your child is to create new traditions together. Because you will make that time for them on the weekends, you can come up with ideas that are only exclusive to you and the kids, and something that you do at a specific time. This can be journaling together, having a certain handshake, playing a particular game, and so on.

Travel together

You should commit to traveling with your kids. If you can do this once a month, it will go a long way in allowing you and the children to bond. When you travel together, you get to see new sights and take on different things together. Be sure to take a ton of pictures so that you can make a scrapbook of photos together!


On lazy weekends, if you still want to do something that will help you bond with the kids, there’s nothing better than gathering in the kitchen together and coming up with a full menu and dishing it out with your kids! The best part, you will all be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal afterward.

The weekend may seem short, but you can get a lot done in two days when it comes to creating a bond with your kids. Make sure that you utilize the ideas we’ve mentioned here because every weekend should be something that your children look forward to spending with you.