The latest jewelry trends for 2022 are all about expressing yourself and elevating your look with gems and diamonds. Whether we’re talking engagement rings, bijoux, or a diamond pendant necklacefashion is changing – and fast.

In a world where many popular products are generally timeless, it’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to crushing your accessories this year.

Although, while many stylish pieces of jewelry remain that way for quite some time, the vibes of what’s hot and what’s not are in constant flux.

In this blog, we’ll talk you through all the ways you can upscale your look in all the best ways. From elevating a casual fit to ensuring you get the conversation started at a high-end occasion. 

7 Jewelry Trends You Need to be across

  1.       Bold colors
  2.       Sustainability
  3.       Statement pieces
  4.       Personalization
  5.       Silver Pieces
  6.       Mixing metals
  7.       Layering Up

1. Bold colors

While jewelry trends may not move as quickly as those of fashion circles, they have been following a similar pattern. Now, the trend for dressing in bold stand-out colors to match your mood or dopamine dressing as it’s also known is transcending into jewelry.

So take the chance to dress up your look with some pops of color in the form of kaleidoscopic studs or bold pendants. Ceramics are an excellent (and affordable) way to add these flashes of color. However, if you want to stay with diamonds for your splashes of vibrance, you better know what diamond color is best.

2. Sustainable and ethical

Many jewelry fans are turning to second-hand stores or antique shops to purchase their pieces. Moreover, we’re being encouraged to sell our unwanted or unused jewelry too.

However, there is another option when it comes to ensuring you’re sporting sustainable stones. Lab-created diamonds are increasing in popularity because of their stunning beauty and ethical production methods.

Because they’re constructed in laboratories, by fairly-paid technicians, rather than pulled from the earth in impoverished nations, lab-made diamonds are certainly more ethical. But that change in origin story doesn’t necessarily mean lesser quality, lab diamonds are replicas of real stones and match their anatomy perfectly.

3. The Statement is Here to Stay

Don’t worry if you’re thinking of getting rid of that larger, more elaborate piece. The statement is staying for 2022. Fashionistas like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have been ensuring their statement game is strong and so should you.

But if you don’t have a bold piece waiting to make an impression, then now’s the time to get one. Summer is around the corner and that means lower necklines and more time to shine for your statement pendant necklace.

In addition, a stunning conversation-starting diamond pendant is the perfect way to ensure your glamorous look really wows.

4. Get Personal

Adding a personal touch to your glitz is also a remaining jewelry trend for 2022. Getting a stunning new diamond is always a meaningful moment. But pieces which incorporate elements like birthstones are more popular. However, you can also achieve the cherished effect with a sparkling initial necklace or zodiac constellation piece.  

Whether you’re prepping for that glitzy event or keeping it casual, a gorgeous glittering personal piece of jewelry is the perfect way to ensure your outfit slays. It’s also an effortless way to elevate any look.

5. Silver FTW

Moving back to the realms of color choices, the silver streak has returned, surging back into jewelry trends for 2022. Word on the street is the edgy, elevated look attained through silver bangles and earrings is popping off right now.

6. Mixing and matching

Staying with metal choice for the penultimate stop in our countdown of jewelry trends in 2022. Previously thought of as a big no-no in fashion circles, mixing metals is now an easy win.

If in the past, you planted your flag in the gold or silver camp, the good news is; that you no longer need to choose – if you don’t want to that is.

The new mantra is: more is more and there are no rules here.

This beautiful necklace is the latest jewelry trend in the market

7. Layering up

Continuing on that point of mixing metals being bang on trend right now, layering up is not just for outdoor wear anymore. The great news is, if you decided to splurge on that gold necklace as well as the white gold piece, then you can wear both… together. It’s a brave new world out there kids, go express yourselves.

Trends are Changing the World

As we said above, jewelry trends move slower than those of fashion brands. But it’s clear to see that these shifts are all moving in a similar direction, self-expression. Stunning jewelry photos can help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry.

Whether it be through that treasured piece that’s special to you or the statement diamond necklace that starts those conversations, jewelry choices in 2022 are all about YOU.

Now, who do you want to be?