These days, most of us are spending time indoors. Either working or chilling out. Chilling out in your home is one thing. It is quite another to work from home.

Sometimes our workspaces can be a little uninspiring. Give your home office space a makeover and you will find yourself wanting to stay longer.

If you are planning to add interior plantscapes to your home office, look no further. Stick to a Mediterranean theme and enjoy lush foliage and a burst of colors. If you are in no mood to invest in buying plants, you can rent out some from a plant subscription service.

Here are some Mediterranean plants to choose from and tips on how to care for them.

Purple Aeonium Mediterranean plant

Purple Aeonium

A color-changing plant for your home office? Intrigued? The Purple Aeonium is the ideal plant for indoor use. If you put it out in the sun, the fleshy succulent leaves turn purple. When you return it to the shade, it turns back to green. 

Plants like these are the easiest to grow and care for. They don’t need much maintenance, although you could hire plant maintenance services for added convenience. And yet they look like a million bucks. 

Care Tips: Be sparse when watering. It is very easy to overwater them, and that can turn fatal. You can put it on a semi-shaded windowsill for the best outcome. Indoor horticulture was never this easy. right?

Lily of the Nile Mediterranean plant

Lily of the Nile

If you thought Mediterranean plants have exotic-looking flowers, you weren’t wrong. This little beauty, Lily of the Nile or Agapanthus Africanus, grows up to be nearly four feet tall. Ideal for indoor use, this plant flowers during the summers.

Care Tips: It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive, but some light is required. The pot needs to be a big one and the soil should be well-drained. When they outgrow your small pots, you can use them as topiary as well. Just place them on either side of your doors.

You can get these for home decoration during the holiday season as well. Professional holiday decorators’ services can rent out such plants, maintain them and pick them back up after the season is over.

Aloe Aristata Mediterranean plant

Aloe Aristata

The beautiful Lace Aloe, or Aloe Aristata, can be a charming addition to your home office space. Since succulents are so great for indoor use, these are perfect for those little corners and shelves of your office for giving it a green effect.

It puts on quite a show with its red-orange flowers during the summer season. Grows slowly through new plants at the base of the pot. You can uproot those and put them in separate planters if you want multiple small plants.

Care Tips: Make sure that the soil is well-drained. You don’t need to water it regularly. Just check to see if the topsoil is dry and then water sparsely.

You can decorate the topsoil with little stones and rocks to create a rustic look. Small terracotta pots are best for it. Go ahead and add other gardening knick-knacks to it.

Aloe Brevifolia Mediterranean plant

Aloe Brevifolia

The vibrant red of the Aloe Brevifolia flowers is sure to perk up any space. This plant does not need much watering and does well indoors. They don’t grow very tall so you can use them to accentuate a floor seating area.

Care Tips: Try to keep it outside for a few hours in the summer. Bring it inside for the winters. These do need some light, so try to find a spot near the window or patio door.

Dwarf Fan Palm, Mediterranean Plant

Dwarf Fan Palm

If you are looking to cover up any bald spots in your decor, this is the plant to go for. The Dwarf Fan Palm or the Cyperus Alternifolius grows well in a pot. It does need light. Otherwise, it droops. So you can keep it below a window.

Care Tips: Keep removing the old branches and dried leaves to keep them looking lush. During summers, you can keep it outside for a few hours every alternate day. In the winters, the plant droops a little. But, never mind. The spring sees it raising its green little head again.

Euphorbia Robbiae

The perfect plant for your home office is the Euphorbia Robbiae. Also known as Mrs. Robb’s Bonnet, these plants thrive in the shade. But they also do well in the sun. Ideal for the windowsill. 

The bright yellow blooms are cheerful to look at. And the vibrant green foliage provides the perfect backdrop.

Care Tips: Water well for the initial few months. Later, taper down to watering every third day. The soil should be well-drained to ensure the longevity of the plant. Make sure that the base of the trunk is not covered in soil.

Bird of Paradise Mediterranean plant

Bird of Paradise

Also known as the Strelitzia Reginae, the Bird of Paradise as a WFH office plant is a bold choice for sure. It is the perfect indoor plant though. It does well in the shade so you can keep it on your desk. It’s not really a hardy plant, but a little care goes a long way.

Care Tips: You can keep the plant in a well-ventilated area. Water every day during the summer season. Sparingly in the winter. Use a liquid fertilizer every month. Try to re-pot the plant every two years. 

Research has proven that when you bring plants into your workspace, you can enhance your productivity and well-being. Plants can help reduce stress. They also boost indoor air quality. And they look so pretty doing it. Truly an asset for any workspace. 

So, how does rearranging your home office sound? Add some plants, some wall art, comfortable seating, and you are done. Go ahead. Take a weekend to create a comfortable workspace for your weekdays. A space that is aesthetically pleasing as well.