Wine is one of the most exquisite and deluxe drinks all across the globe. However, like every good thing,wine-enthusiasts are often blinded by some industry myths. But since they take little or no effort to uncover the reality, the best fine experience remains alien to them.

To ensure that you are not one of them, let me expose some very common myths about wine.

#Myth1: Wine tastes better with Age

This is one of the most common myths that people have believed throughout, but here’s debunking this for you – No, it’s not necessarily true for Wine to taste better with age.

Most wines are made to be consumed within a year or two of their release. Only expensive wines are prepared so that they can be stored for long years, which might extend to even decades before they are consumed.

Most wines that are prepared today have a very short shelf life. It clearly means that the consumer might spoil the entire bottle of wine if preserved for too long.

#Myth2: White Wine is supposed to be served with Fish and Red Wine with Meat.

We all know how important it is to have a perfect pairing between the wine and the food served on your dining table to experience its best taste. There is a simple trick that needs to be followed while deciding the food-wine pair.

Remember that spicy food is your best pick if you are consuming wine with a fruity flavor. But, if your food is sweet in taste, then the wine must be even sweeter to help complement your dish.

If you are consuming white wine, pair it with meat, but it is advisable to go for something strong to match the spicy taste of the meat.

#Myth3: Wine contained in Heavy Bottles are Better

This is again one of the most commonly believed myths about wine. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a great marketing strategy adopted by many high-end wine producers.

The thick glass that gives a classy look to the wine bottles is just limited to its packaging because it does not influence its taste or flavor.

In contrast, the best and expensive wine producers today use lighter and ordinary glass bottles.

#Myth4: White Wine is supposed to be served Ice-Cold

How many times have you heard, “white wine must always be served ice-cold and red wine is to be served at room temperature.”? I am sure you have lost count. Even I have lost mine. Interestingly, this is just a myth. In fact, both red and white wine are supposed to be served at a temperature between room temperature and ice-cold.

If white wine is served too cold, you will not experience its divine taste. Similar is the case with red wine served at room temperature.

#Myth5: Hangover and Natural Wines do not go side-by-side

People get a hangover with the alcohol content present in the drinks. Put, wines with a high alcohol content will give you hangovers, and wines with less alcohol content will not.

Hence, even if you decide to savor natural wine and have a lot of high alcohol content, you are bound to get a hangover, no matter what the so-called wine experts say.

#Myth6: Wines with cork seals are considered superior.

Most people believe that wine bottles with screw tops are considered cheap and inferior compared to wine bottles with cork seals.

In today’s world, this myth has become obsolete as people actually prefer screw-tops for storing wine for a long time. This is because it prevents oxygen from getting trapped inside the bottle, thus keeping the wine’s real taste intact.

Whereas wines would benefit from cork seals as the oxygen inside helps enhance their taste.

#Myth7: Only leftover white wine is supposed to be refrigerated.

The entire definition of “cold” acting as a preservative is destroyed by this myth because cold acts the same for both red and white wine. So, the next time you have some leftover in your wine bottle, just put it in the freezer!

Trust it or not, it will remain nearly as good as it was the first night. And if you wish to know more about wineries, particularly in Australia, you can read more here.

Over to you…

So, these were a few of the most common spread myths about wine. Surely you might have come across a few of them already but now that you are aware of the reality, make sure you don’t fall for this fad!