If you’re looking for the best activities to do in your leisure time while enjoying your stay in West Virginia, then this is the right place to be. The state is filled with outdoor adventure opportunities like the fast-running rivers, wild mountains, and densely-forested wilderness areas that offer playgrounds for camping, hiking, whitewater rafting, caving, fishing, and boat riding. Furthermore, WV online casinos are fully legalized allowing players to enjoy the various gaming activities, this is why tourists visiting this area will never lack an activity to engage in because of the many attractions the state possesses. In this article, you will see a list of 7 of the best things to do in your leisure activity while enjoying your stay in West Virginia. 

Blackwater falls State Park West Virginia

1. Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls is among the stunning sites in Northern America, best known for its original waterfalls and insane hiking scenic trails. It is a low-budget adventure that will surely make your day with the beautiful scenes best for photos. The waterfall comes from the leisurely and slow-moving black water river pouring from approximately 62 feet from the valley of Canaan into the Blackwater Canyon. At the foot of the fall, is a beautiful pool where most people take photos or just enjoy the fine scenery.

Harpers Ferry National Park West Virginia

2. Harpers Ferry National Park

The park sits at the meeting point of river Potomac and river Shenandoah. This place is full of a wide range of activities like biking, hiking, backpacking, or enjoying the day out on the river. With a low budget, you can visit the area and not only have some challenging adventures but also take good photos due to the amazing background. Some of the main attractions around and in the park include; the Appalachian scenic trail, the point, Jefferson rock, and conservancy headquarters.

New River Gorge National River West Virginia

3. New River Gorge National River

Walking in the shoes of this massive river is the best feeling ever! It is among the oldest rivers in the world covering almost 53 miles of unspoiled and pristine wilderness. Here visitors visit wanting to enjoy boat riding, hunting, fishing, and riverfront hiking. The river is a perfect location to connect with the spirits of the forested land due to its deep connection with the culture in West Virginia.

White water rafting in West Virginia

4. White water rafting

It’s among the most enjoyable and oldest watersports in the country. By joining the whitewater tours you’ll get to enjoy beautiful sites like the new river, Shenandoah, and the Gauley river for the whole day. This is a good adventure as you get to experience the different areas of a river. A good example is; that the new river is best for families and people trying whitewater rafting for the first time while on the other side, the lower river mostly attracts thrill-seekers and intermediates because of its amazing and well-advanced whitewater rafting.

Seneca rocks West Virginia

5. Seneca rocks

Most people come here to enjoy the panoramic views of Monongahela forest. The Seneca rocks are well-known landmarks in the country and tourists not only use them for scenic attractions but also for rock climbing. With so many activities to do in the area, besides hiking through the woods and enjoying the views of the beautiful valleys that surround the area, you can visit the discovery center which has information, artifacts, exhibits, and education about the wonders and history of the old natural forest. 

Snowshoe mountain West Virginia

6. Snowshoe mountain

On winter holidays, snowshoe mountain is always ready to offer you the best skiing. The skiing resort has almost everything from 60 amazing slopes that represent different levels of difficulty for any skier and cozy ledges with rustic décor and warm fires. It also offers a nice spa to pamper yourself after a long day of snowboarding and skiing. 

The Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia

7. The Greenbrier

If you are looking to experience a 5-star resort while enjoying your stay in West Virginia, consider booking your stay early enough at the Greenbrier. The posh, lavished resort allows the visitor to have a luxurious experience like the full spa service where you get to enjoy a facial and massage treatment. You can enjoy your day by swimming, playing golf or tennis, or even trying out archery. You can also tour an underground bunker or enjoy riding a horse. This historic resort was established in 1778 making it almost old as the USA. 

Final thoughts:

Whether you are visiting the area for a short or long term, you will never lack anything to participate in West Virginia with both a high and low budget. With so many beautiful attractions, visit the country and experience the best holiday full of activities you like.