7 Tips For Stylishly Decorating

Whether you are a novice or an experienced decorator, navigating color palettes, décor, or costs can be overwhelming. That said, there are limitless possibilities that you can incorporate to create a stylish interior design.  Here are seven tips for stylishly redecorating your home.  Stylish home interior

Rent Instead Of Buying | If you like to change up your style, rent furniture without having to buy it. Companies like Rentfeather.com offers furnishings without the long-term contracts that accompany rent-to-own stores. It is an affordable option that provides you access to quality-made furniture.
 Stylish home interior

Analyze A Room’s Space | A unique way to renew a room’s space is to move your furniture in unusual patterns. By doing so, the place feels new even when you do not change a thing. Before rearranging, it is a good idea to declutter and spring clean the area to free up space. You can style your room’s interior to highlight furniture shapes and forms, or move it around to attract or block the natural light. To add a touch of splendor, construct a sofa table to place against the back wall to hold lamps or beautiful décor.

 Stylish home interiorColor Palettes | Instead of redecorating, a fresh coat of paint will redefine a room’s ambiance. Sherwin Williams predicts that 2018 will be about redefining community with three color palette variations of sincerity, connectivity, and unity.

  1. Sincerity symbolizes hushed tones. SW recommends color blends like Homburg Gray, Song Thrush, Malabar, and Rojo Dust.
  2. Connectivity represents individualism and high-tech tones. SW suggests the colors of Grape Harvest, Reflecting Pool, Overjoy, and Hunt Club. 
  3. Unity is all about breaking boundaries. SW endorses Oceanside, Borscht, Indigo, and Honey Bees.

 Stylish home interior

Find a Showpiece | Every room should have one showpiece to grab your visitor’s attention. You can choose stylish wall décor for aesthetics, a sculpted art piece, or a cultural component that speaks to your beliefs. Unique features serve as icebreakers because everyone will want to know about them.

 Stylish home interior

Select Thought-Provoking Artwork | A beautiful piece of artwork will add style to any room in your home without having to spend a great deal on it. Etsy offers stylish, affordable wall art like digital footprints, watercolor prints, or original abstract oil paintings that are unique and budget-friendly. You can purchase affordable reproductions, or you can create DIY artwork.

 Stylish home interior

Try Your Hand At DIY Projects | If the traditional artwork is not to your liking, try a DIY project and make your own. Using a low-cost wood pallet, you can create one-of-a-kind pieces like a headboard, word art, or an intricately carved design. You can also use leftover paint to create a colorful pallet while using extra boards to construct a frame. 
 Stylish home interior

Accessorize A Room With Appealing Décor | Accessorizing a room with stylish décor can elevate a dull space into an elegant one with just a few alterations. After buying or leasing your furniture, you need to add a few items that represent your personality. Adding a bookshelf, overstuffed throw pillows, or candles will tie in a color palette.

Take in a room and find the areas that need a personal touch, but be sure not to overdo it. A little can go a long way when it comes to redecorating.