Whether it’s for their birthday, a romantic anniversary, or any other festive occasion, all gentlemen deserve dashing presents. There’s nothing quite like it to celebrate love and friendship. But in truth, coming up with the ideal gift is never easy. We will often be seen racking our brains over choosing something original, useful, and fits their personality — all while staying on budget! Now, if you need inspiration, skip the plain old necktie and check out these 7 unique present ideas that are sure to amaze your partner, friend, father, or sibling.

1. Artwork/Prints

For starters, if the man in your life is into movies, TV shows, or music, a piece of artwork or a special print is guaranteed to be a superb gift. They might have a favorite movie or band they’re always going on about. Jump at the occasion and offer them a framed poster of that title to hang on their bedroom wall. Not only will they be overjoyed, but they will also think of you whenever they look at it. This is a particularly good option for limited budgets.

2. Personalized Wallet

While a wallet might strike you as a consensual idea for a gift, a customized one can make a world of difference. Several online manufacturers now let you choose a base wallet to which you can add a special logo, monogram, or initials. Your guy may already have a high-end leather model for everyday use, but they can use your gift as a secondary wallet. You’ll typically find them starting at $50. Alternatively, a slim and stylish cardholder can do the trick.

3. Meaty Flower Bouquet

Not to generalize, but men do love their meat. If you think flower bouquets are boring, or if buying a brand-new grill is off-budget, you can make up for it by offering them a nice meaty treat they’ll surely remember. As a matter of fact, the internet abounds with great options to satisfy your favorite man’s taste for beef, bacon, jerky, and more. It’s a bit unconventional, but the meaty gifts market is all the rage these days!

4. Whiskey Subscription Box

Fancy a drink? If your man is a spirit aficionado, a subscription to a whiskey box is all that’s needed. Specialized companies will deliver a varied selection of whiskey samples to their doorstep every month in the form of a surprise box. This is a unique present if they’re into deliciousness and a nice buzz. Alternatively, you can choose a beer or a wine subscription box, depending on their preference. In any case, always remind them to drink responsibly and in moderation.

Student skydiver in freefall
5. Skydiving Session

Now on to some adrenaline rush. If your partner, friend, or sibling has ever expressed interest in trying out an extreme sport (or not!), one of the most exciting and unforgettable presents you can offer them is a skydiving lesson. With some online research, you’ll find a host of specialized centers close to home that propose daily packages filled with adventure and fun. First-time skydivers will typically receive accelerated training and be accompanied by an expert to ensure safety. This is your go-to if you want to make one in a lifetime memory!

6. DNA Ancestry Testing Kit

Who’s never wondered about their lineage? For a truly impressive present, opt for a genetic testing kit to allow your favorite gentlemen to find out more about their origins and ancestors. These kits are experiencing a phenomenal boom in popularity, helping millions around the world, unravel some family secrets, and even discover distant relatives. You never know, they might be in for a big surprise.

7. Drone

Lastly, if there’s one thing most men fall head over heels for, it has to be the latest gadgets. As such, a fitting gift for a tech enthusiast can be a flying drone. These have become super popular over recent years, and for good reasons, they provide hours of leisure and entertaining, allow you to take breathtaking shots, conduct surveillance, and more. It may sound like a pricey gift, but you can find a drone with a good build quality for as low as $100. Just be sure to conduct some research to get the best deal.


At the end of the day, it’s the intention that counts. However, this stale maxim shouldn’t prevent you from picking an awesome gift that will delight your favorite man. Regardless of the occasion or how much you’re willing to spend, there are a thousand ideas for unique presents that you can explore. It’s all about choosing what you think will appeal to them while staying original and providing novelty!