In the last few years, marketing strategies of brands, big or small, have evolved like never before. Companies are employing innovation as the major player in making their marketing efforts effective. While food companies are giving out complimentary samples to build a customer base for their new product launches, some companies are using water bottles to promote their brands – and it is actually very effective. 

Wherever you go, it is likely that you are going to need a water bottle as it is the most basic need of the human body. In other words, a water bottle can be a very effective billboard to promote your brand. If you are a company or a brand that is looking to promote itself, you may also want to try some of the effective promotional water bottle techniques.

What Is A Promotional Water Bottle

A promotional water bottle is just like any other water. The only difference is that the bottle label includes the name, logo, and a little description (in some cases) of the company being advertised besides the name of the water bottle manufacturer.  Let us go through some of these in order to find out how they can support promotional campaigns. 

Here Are Top Ways To Promote Your Brand Using Water Bottles

Pellegrino water bottle

Place Your Bottle As Complimentary Reception Area Amenity 

Yes, it is the best way to get noticed. People who are attending a show or a lecture will not mind holding a custom-label bottled water. It’s free of cost, so it is likely that over 90% of attendees will take it and even half pay attention to your branding, your effort will be successful. 

Make The Branding Visually Attractive

Since you cannot write a complete story of your brand on a water bottle label. Make sure to craft it in a way that is visually appealing. Bold colors, a brand logo, and a captivative slogan may get your job done. 

Put Some Among The Guests

It may be possible that guests attending the show are popular faces and if you place your water bottle with your promotion on it, it is likely to get captured by cameras. Additionally, people will notice it better if it is there on the guest table.

Target Events Where Water In Needed

If you go to a community event or a marathon, you will likely find people asking for water. If your water bottle is here, people are going to thank you and appreciate you which will also be an indirect appreciation to your brand. In other words, your brand will be remembered for good. 

On The Top Of The Podium

It is a classic way to promote a new brand, put it on the podium for speakers to take a sip out of it. Not only will cameras capture it, but it will also be in sight all the time as long as the speaker is speaking. If the speaker really takes a sip, it is a double joy of promotion for you.

water bottle

Personalize Your Water Bottle For Select Visitors Or Customers

If you give a celebrity or a known personality a specially customized goody or anything, they may, later on, post it on their social media. The same goes for bottles as well. If they post a picture of your bottle, your brand popularity will rise significantly.

Do Not Market It, Keep It Simple

While you are trying to promote your brand through a water bottle, make sure that you do not push it too hard that people notice the marketing strategy behind it. Circulate it naturally among people and it should do the work for you. 

A water bottle is an effective method to promote a specific brand at a reasonable cost. The business can be sure of its customers having an opportunity to see the brand. If the water bottle brand is popular, there is a good possibility that your customers are going to relate your brand with the water bottle company which may help develop faith in your prospective customers.