Staying on top of the luxury food chain is a challenge for every brand. They have to keep innovating, and part of that is knowing what tools they need to succeed. The luxury market is a highly competitive industry, and knowledge from expert insiders can prove essential to success.

This tailored list of books about luxury branding contains a wealth of knowledge. The insights they contain are essential for any luxury leader to grow and reach their goals. A wide range of topics is covered in this list, including the latest technological advancements, observations on well-known luxury brands, and new retail strategies.

Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets

This book catalogs the changes that are shaping the future of the global luxury brand market. It goes into detail about influences from emerging players and how digital innovations have altered the field.

Global Luxury Trends was written by Dr. Jonas Hoffman and Dr. Ivan Coste-Manière, who both have considerable experience in the luxury industry. It’s a very interesting read with an astute look into the markets of emerging countries like China, Russia, India, and Brazil.

The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

In this day and age, there are plenty of players trying to wiggle their way into the luxury market through confusing terms like “mass luxury” or “hyper-luxury.” Authors Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien go back to the roots of what it means to be a luxury brand with The Luxury Strategy. They analyze the unorthodox strategies that leaders in luxury like Ferrari and Louis Vuitton used to grow into the big names they are today.

Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data

Big data has already started revolutionizing the marketing industry as a whole. It provides a big (pun intended) opportunity right now for leaders in luxury to gain the upper hand above competitors. Professor and author Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and The Economist writer and editor Thomas Ramge dive into the data-driven economy. They provide radical ideas about data capitalism and how it will transform the market.

Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit

It’s no secret that those wishing to appeal to the millennial market need to use new sustainable methods to attract their interest. This book explores the immense impact on brand loyalty that adopting good values can have. It covers everything from fair employment practices to charity with examples from large companies who have gained favorable reputations through social responsibility.

Shine: Digital Craftsmanship For Modern Luxury Brands

The way digital platforms are evolving is forcing luxury brands to adapt their strategies to consumers’ rising expectations. This book acts as a guide for those in the luxury branding industry to adapt their online customer service. Leaders need to know how to build for the future, and this will help get them there.

Luxury Brand Management: A World of Privilege

Here’s the revised edition of Luxury Brand Management, the renowned book on managing luxury brands. This version focuses on the updated definition of what makes for a luxury brand. Historically, that definition would have been restricted to selectivity and exclusivity. However, it has widened considerably in recent years.

The Craft of Creativity

There’s an element of creativity inherent to innovative business decisions. The Craft of Creativity by authors Matthew A. Cronin and Jeffrey Loewenstein present a look into the importance of creativity. It describes the influence and wide-ranging effects that a creative approach can have to build and maintain a strong organizational journey.

Luxury Online: Styles, Systems, Strategies

This book can prove a very valuable read for anyone looking to start their own online luxury brand. It provides the game plan for setting up and maintaining a luxury brand through digital-only channels. The knowledge it contains is valuable, but the book may be a tad out of sync with the latest online platforms. Thus it needs to be read in conjunction with newer titles that handle up to date online strategies.

In Conclusion: The Problem With Buying eBooks

The issue with buying eBooks is that they aren’t always available everywhere. This usually depends on the publisher and the popularity of the book. Online bookstores and e-commerce websites like Amazon use geo-blocking to keep out the people from regions they don’t sell to. It can be a big letdown, but there are ways around this. Asking someone who lives in the region to gift a book is one way to do it, but that isn’t always possible. Using a VPN (get yours here) for Kindle Fire is the other option. It’s one of the fastest ways to get around geo-blocked websites and easy to set up and use.