Do you want to move to a new location? You have to prepare yourself in advance. With proper preparation and planning, packing and moving may become an enjoyable period. If you want to avoid panic and rush in the last moments, prepare a to-do list and start your work at least a month ago. Here are some expert tips to start preparing for a move.

1.  Get Organized

Do you want to prepare for a move just like a pro? You have to organize your belongings and other tasks. In the first step, you have to create a moving folder. Use a notebook/binder or create a file on your PC. It will help you to create a moving checklist and manage your timeline.

Designate a secure place for your moving documents. A separate folder can protect moving receipts, contracts, and documents. Moreover, you have to put your personal documents, such as your social security card, passport, and other financial documents in a secure place.

2.  Download a Moving Checklist

A checklist is necessary if you are moving into a new place. It will help you to build a timeline. Moreover, it proves helpful to plan a move within the available time. A checklist makes it easy to break your relocation into small and easy to manage projects.

3.  Take Inventory

Without an inventory, it can be difficult for you to estimate your moving cost. Make sure to note down the name of every belonging. This list will help you to find a reliable Moving company for your needs. Moreover, the inventory list is necessary to shop for insurance.

4.  Set Your Budget for Moving

Before taking a decision, you have to decide on a moving budget. Make sure to include maximum moving costs and charges for repair and to move furniture. You have to keep proof of moving expenses and store these receipts safely in a moving folder.

5.  Schedule “You” Moments

When preparing for a move, you have to prepare yourself for upheaval. After planning your commute and best moving time, life will not stop. You have to prepare yourself for the mess around you and set aside some moments for yourself. During these moments, you can do exercise, take a bath, or relax on a chair with a face mask.

6.  Purchase Packing Supplies

Relocation can be expensive because you will need lots of supplies. For instance, special boxes are necessary to pack your personal items. You have to arrange the appropriate size and shape of the boxes. It is essential for the security of your belongings.

After hiring movers, make sure to check their policy about packing supplies and packing jobs. Sometimes, it can be economical to ask them to do this job. Before taking a final decision, you should evaluate everything, such as your budget and available options.

7.  Carefully Pack Tricky Belongings

It is not easy to pack and wrap your fragile items. If you want them in one piece, hire professional movers to do this job. Make sure to pack your jewelry in a separate plastic wrap. Before unplugging electronics, take their photos. Pack your food and accurately label each box. Carelessness can be dangerous for your glassware and other fragile items.

If you want to decrease your moving cost, get rid of everything unnecessary. You can hold a yard sale or garage sale to sell additional stuff. Moreover, donate anything that you don’t need anymore.

8.  Understand Packing Order

To save time, start packing as early as possible. Start packing with off-season items and clothes. Pack anything that you will not need soon. Most essential items should be packed in the last, such as crucial documents pet kits, and other necessities.

Prepare a separate box that contains all the essentials that you will need for the first morning in a new house. Make sure to move with professionals to avoid backache and other possible issues. Remember, a moving company can be cheaper than a DIY move.

At least two weeks before moving, you have to update your subscriptions and mailing address. Update your license and voter registration. You have to transfer utilities, such as water, gas, and electricity before your relocation. Check the rules of your state to know if you will need a moving permit.