Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. Through thousands of years of bonding and behavioral conditioning, these canines have become a natural choice for pets because they are loyal, friendly, emotional, and intelligent animals. Labradoodles are a prime specimen of dogs for companionship, and anyone looking to get one surely has to consider them. Here are eight reasons why;

  • They are natural family dogs

When considering what dog to buy, most people’s biggest concern is how the dog reacts to small children and a gathering of humans. Labradoodles are gentle giants with an extremely positive attitude and a giant heart to go with them, giving them such a steady temperament. They love nothing more than getting attention and playing with people, making them perfect for a family. 

  • They are forever young

Most dogs go through several stages, from the puppy stage to the adult dog stage, and finally, the dreaded old dog stage. Labradoodles have this enchanting disposition to never grow old mentally. At 12 years old, a lab will still act as puppy-like as ever, and this makes them a great choice for kids. They keep their adorable puppy features in their energy levels and facial features, which is a very endearing characteristic to have as a pet.

  • They vary greatly in size and color

Most breeds leave you restricted to distinct features and colors dominant and prevalent in that specific breed. However, with a lab from Uptown Puppies, you are spoilt for choice as there are many different variations to choose from (this is great for people who sometimes get their dogs mixed up with other dogs as your Labradoodles tend to stand out more). Think about having standard black Labradoodles and miniature gold Labradoodles, and you think about perfection.

  • They are as goofy as can be

Do you get bored? Well, not if you have Labradoodles. They are such fun-loving and active creatures that sometimes you could just sit on the couch and experience how silly and cheerful they are. They love stuffed animals just like babies do, so you can already imagine how cute it’ll be to watch them walk around carrying their favorite doll around the house all day.

  • They shed less compared to other breeds

labradoodle puppy

You see, a lot of people may suggest that labs don’t shed. Although that is an exaggeration trying to drive home a point, they do shed, but not just as much as other dogs do. Many people may have experienced going in for an innocent petting on a wet dog and returning with hairy palms. This isn’t a problem. You will have to battle with Labradoodles; as long as you properly maintain and care for their coats, they don’t shed that much.

  • They are loyal to a fault

If anything endears you to labs, it will be how insanely loyal they are to their humans. We all know that dogs are man’s best pals, but some are more loyal than others. Labs fall on the right side of this. With their huge capacity to love unconditionally, they love in a special way that you can only understand by experiencing it first hand. They will be glued to your side forever, giving you undiluted companionship. If you’re up, they are also, and if you sleep, they also do; a lifetime bond.

  • They are easy to train

When people say that Labradoodles are the most stress-free dogs to train on earth, they aren’t just spinning yarn. Labs have traits and characteristics that give them a strategic edge over other breeds as their unique intelligence makes them easy to train even at dogs’ standards. If you think it’s time to get your kids a puppy, the lab is a great option. They easily learn tricks but still manage to retain their creativity, as you will find out, a special breed indeed.

  • They are the perfect therapy dogs

With emotional support animals being used more dominantly in recent years, people are beginning to discover how well Labradoodles do their jobs. Their special emotional intelligence helps them sense your mood and seamlessly adjust to them. 

When they see you are sad, they try to make you feel better by licking you or trying to play, and if you’re sick, they just lay there with you until you become active again. They just want you to be as happy as they are all the time.

Labs are the perfect breed for people skeptical about getting a dog as they are great for new owners. You will surely get a good first impression of owning dogs. They have a high life expectancy and are just a delight to be around all day round; if you’re looking to buy a dog, you have to consider getting a labradoodle.