For something people lay on every night, the mattress can be easily ignored. For some reason, most people seem to think that it’s okay to continue using an old mattress even after it’s way past its limit. But the reason for this is pretty simple. People don’t know how regularly they should shop for a new mattress. 

Most people shrug it off and think that their mattress is still in one piece, so it’s perfectly acceptable. But using an old mattress can have some seriously detrimental effects. Let’s go about it a different way. In addition to why you need a new mattress, it’s also essential to know when your mattress needs to be retired and thrown out.  

1. It’s an investment in self-care 

Mattresses are long term investments, not just for making your bed look nice. It’s also for your health. You’ll be keeping your mattress for about ten years. Picking out mattresses that are good for you shouldn’t be so hard since sites like BedAdvisor can make narrowing down your options easy. So, you might as well make those ten years as comfortable as possible.  

2. It’s old 

The most glaring reason why you should replace your mattress is that it’s old. Unfortunately, even if your mattress magically holds its shape after so much use, it’s still doesn’t change that it’s ancient. Think about it, move after move, you’ve towed your mattress with you, instead of throwing it out.  

Mattresses are meant to be changed every 7 to 10 years. Some have warranties that can exceed ten years, but that shouldn’t be a basis for you to hold on to a mattress. The warranty is just there for spring replacements and issues with quality. It’s not an expiration date.  

3. It’s dirty, and it smells 

Of all the years you’ve had this mattress, think of all the times you’ve spilled drinks on it, dirtied it, and stained it. Whether it’s a spring mattress or memory foam, it isn’t invulnerable to germs and mold that can be thriving in it.  

Sure, there are ways to clean it up, but unless you can regularly get it deep cleaned, you’re better off replacing it.  

4. You’re sneezing in bed a lot  

If you have dust allergies and you find yourself sneezing in bed more frequently, it could be because your mattress has collected a lot of dust throughout the years. And whenever you use it or move in bed, it disperses dust around you and flares up your allergies.  

old mattress

5. It’s not as springy or firm as it used to be 

Okay, this can be hard to spot because you use it nightly. It’s hard to notice a significant change in its form unless you have a before and after picture.  

Mattresses are used for 8 hours a day, sometimes even more. If you multiply that to 10 years, that amounts to 3 years of usage. This doesn’t include the times you just felt like staying in bed all day or the times you’ve laid there bingeing your favorite shows.  

Try laying in the same mattress but brand new in a shop, and compare it to how your bed feels. You can bet that there’s a huge difference!  

6. Mattresses can affect your health 

A good night’s sleep is vital for everyone, and there’s just no exception. It would help if you didn’t have to deal with an uncomfortable mattress when trying to get your 8 hours of sleep. This is especially true for anyone with a strict schedule. 

If the only thing your mattress is doing is helping you lose sleep, then it’s doing more harm than good. Lack of sleep can affect your weight and mental health. You’ll end up feeling tired all day, and it’s going to affect your daily life. 

7. You’re aching when you wake up 

After a good night’s sleep, you want to stretch, give a big yawn, and end with a smile on your face. But if you find yourself holding your back because of back pain, then it’s probably your mattress.  

As mentioned, firmness can give out after years of use. When this happens, it won’t be able to support your body correctly. And you’ll end up sleeping in an awkward position that puts more stress on your body.  

8. You deserve it 

The most important thing to remember is that you deserve it. With everything you’re working hard for, you can’t possibly put yourself last now. Give yourself a well-earned reward by picking out a mattress that makes each bedtime feel like a pat on the back.  


All in all, a mattress isn’t supposed to last you over ten years. By then, it’s going to be saggy, dirty, and uncomfortable. You’ll need to replace your mattress when your mattress makes sleeping and relaxing feel like an impossible task.