With the rise of home renovation shows and websites like Pinterest, home decor and DIY have become more popular than ever. Unfortunately, it has also led to an increase in the same decor ideas being used over and over again — shiplap, anyone? If you want your home to stand out and be the envy of all your friends and neighbors, step outside the box and try one of these unique and stylish home decorating ideas.

Do a different kind of accent wall.

While accent walls have been popular for a while now, you can do something different from just a coat of bold paint. Try getting an artistic friend (or yourself!) to create a one-of-a-kind mural on your wall, using colors that compliment your space. If that feels too ambitious, you can try creating an accent wall in a different texture — wood, brick, stone, and even burlap have been introduced into the home via accent walls, and if you can’t get the real thing, don’t be afraid to go faux.

Brighten up your bathroom tile

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating. The room is often thought of in terms of function over fashion, even though it’s a room you’ll spend some time in every day! Bathroom tiles come in just about every size, shape, and color, so why not get playful with it? You can opt for a bold color, mix, and match different tiles to create a unique pattern or even bring the tiles from the floor to the shower walls for a striking look.

Use your art to decorate

Want a unique, custom art piece but can’t afford the hefty price tag? Why not DIY? Using your drawings or photography guarantees it’s unique to your home, is a great conversation starter, and adds a personal touch to your decor. Some websites let you design and upload your photos to create a custom wallpaper, and Instapainting (see: https://instapainting.com/portrait-paintings) enables you to turn your Instagram photos into custom oil paintings that are eye-catching and unique.

Get creative with the greenery.

Houseplants are a must-have in any home these days, but the type you choose can still help you stand out! While fig leaves and snake plants are well-loved, a more unusual plant can create a different kind of visual interest in your home. The rock tassel fern is a prehistoric plant that can grow up to nine feet, while the shingle plant grows vertically, clinging to surfaces like a vine. When shopping for plants, always check their optimal growing conditions and whether or not they’re toxic to pets.

Display your books proudly.

Bookshelves are always a great decor item — no matter which shelf you have, the contents are still unique to the homeowner! There are lots of exciting and creative ways to show off your book collection, whether you buy shelves or DIY them out of melamine board, but integrating your bookshelves into your staircase is an incredibly eye-catching option.

Light up your kitchen

Kitchens are another space that is often all about functionality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a gorgeous space. One of the most exciting and unexpected trends in kitchens is adding a chandelier. The glitzy piece creates a wow moment that your basic strip lighting never could! It adds sophistication to space but can also create symmetry and balance.

Go bespoke

Bespoke furniture is custom-made to fit a space, and thus often looks better than its ‘off the rack’ counterparts. While most people can’t afford an entirely custom home, splurging on a bespoke item can transform a space. Whether it’s a custom-made coffee table or a couch that’s the exact measurements of your wall, the bespoke item can become the focal point of your room.

DIY your basic pieces into something special

Everyone shops at Ikea for home furnishings. It’s affordable, simple, and ubiquitous! But those who aren’t satisfied with having basic furniture have made an art form out of transforming it into unique, custom pieces. Ikea Hackers catalog some of the best DIYs that take your low-end furniture and turn them into something gorgeous. When decorating your home getting your hands on the best materials can be a pain; simply Plastics has some of the best on the market.