There’s little wonder as to why New York is commonly referred to as the greatest city on Earth. Regardless of your taste in food, fashion, or the arts, you’re guaranteed to find countless ways to enjoy yourself when visiting the Big Apple. As such, it’s no surprise that NYC has an abundance of attractions and establishments that cater to dedicated geeks. Whether you’re an avid reader, lover of fine art, lifelong gamer, or proud otaku, the city that never sleeps has you covered.  

Video Games New York 

Video Games New York is a treasure trove of both new and classic games and hardware. Despite having a very small store space, Video Games New York is home to an extensive inventory of games and consoles from nearly every era of gaming. So, whether you’re looking to pick up a hot new release or a hard-to-find gem from yesteryear, VGNY can accommodate you. Additionally, import enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Video Games New York also features an impressive array of Japanese software. VGNY truly makes the most of its limited space, and few gamers are liable to walk away disappointed.   

Strand Bookstore 

Dedicated bookworms will feel right at home when visiting Strand Bookstore. An East Village staple, Strand boasts an impressive 18 miles of new and used books. Whether you’re in the market for a good novel, an academic textbook, an eye-catching artbook, or any other variety of reading material, odds are you can find it at Strand. With three massive floors – each packed to the brim with meticulously-organized books – both avid readers and casual book enthusiasts are likely to find an abundance of appealing texts.


The NYC branch of one of Japan’s biggest bookseller chains, Kinokuniya is a great place to find Japanese novels, art books, and manga. The first floor is dedicated to untranslated novels, textbooks, and magazines. This floor also contains a large selection of Japanese stationery, crafting supplies, and knickknacks. The second floor, which also serves as the entrance floor, houses a sizable array of translated books from acclaimed Japanese authors, as well as a small selection of works from famous Western authors. The third floor is sure to grab the attention of passionate otaku and casual anime fans alike. In addition to a seemingly endless array of translated and untranslated manga, this floor features an incredible array of anime figurines, posters, art books, and other fun paraphernalia. The third floor is also home to a cozy café that serves up a tasty smorgasbord of Japanese-style treats. 

Book Off 

The NYC branch of Japan’s largest used bookseller, Book Off, caters to nearly every variety of geek. Although the store’s name suggests a strong emphasis on books, Book Off’s inventory is also comprised of used video games, consoles, figurines, DVDs, Blu-rays, and assorted electronics. Furthermore, since the store readily purchases Japanese video games, Book Off is a fantastic place to find discounted import titles. Dedicated otaku is sure to enjoy visiting the store’s bottom floor, which is dedicated exclusively to manga (both translated and untranslated) and graphic novels.   

The Meatpacking District 

One of Manhattan’s hippest neighborhoods, the Meatpacking District, has a lot to offer geeks of all stripes. Fun-seeking foodies will want to sample some of the delectable snacks, meals, and assorted treats found at the Gansevoort Market. Fans of contemporary art won’t want to miss out on the Whitney Museum of American Art. This unique museum houses a one-of-a-kind collection of works from some of America’s greatest living artists. Tech junkies are sure to be drawn to Samsung 837, a technological showroom helmed by one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. Adding to the area’s appeal is the fact that visitors should have no problem finding a great Meatpacking District hotel.  

It’s easy to see why New York City is among the world’s foremost travel destinations. No matter what your interests are, the city that never sleeps is more than up to the task of keeping you entertained. This is particularly true in the case of lifelong geeks. Virtually any type of geeky pursuit your mind can conjure up is fully present in the Big Apple. Whether your interests lie with art, literature, comic books, video games, anime, or any combination thereof, NYC has you covered.