Residential awnings Chicago is not really different from the normal awing’s found everywhere else. The main purpose of residential awning is to provide protection for the property from sunlight. Awning also protects your furniture from sun damage. 

Residential awnings are not only used for shade from the outside weather but they are also fitted to allow your house to get cooled down by preventing the sun’s glare from heating up your house.

Benefits of Residential Awnings

It Helps Improve the Home Exterior Style

Residential awnings are a great way to style up one’s home. They come in many colors, shapes, and styles. You can easily find a residential awning that matches your home’s outlook. There are many different types of awnings that can be used to provide shade on the patio, the front door, windows, or anywhere around the house.

Awnings Help Save Energy

While residential awnings themselves do not use any electricity, they do help reduce its consumption nonetheless. They do this by helping your home remain cool during the summer by providing some shade around the house. This shade helps blackout the sunlight that would otherwise be hitting right onto your window and heating it. The American Society of Heating and Air conditioning Engineering, as well as the National Bureau of Standard, has performed some studies through which they concluded that by adding residential awnings around the house, it could help reduce the heat inside homes by up to seventy-seven percent.

The amount of heat reduced depends on where the residential awning is place. If a place on the south-facing window, then heat can be reduced by 65%, and if the residential awnings are placed on the west-facing window, heat can be reduced by seventy-seven percent.

Residential Awnings Help Expand the Living Space

Residential awnings can help increase your living space by the help of adding a canopy to your home’s patio. The living space increases since you can extend the time you spend outside your home regardless of whether it’s raining or not.

Residential Awnings Help Protect Residential Property

If a residential awning is used to protect the more vulnerable area on the patio, then it can help you save a lot of money as you will not need to continuously repair the damages done to your patio furniture. Residential awnings help reduce the amount of UV light that hits the furniture; thus, reducing the chances of paint lifting off of furniture as well.

Facts About Awnings

Old Residential Awnings Versus New Residential Awnings

A popular example of an old residential awning can be seen in a movie called “Tin Men,” which was based in the 1950s. During this era, aluminum residential awnings that have vertical or horizontal slats were very common. They were designed in a way to match the strips of the house. Competition in this era was also high as it was the post-war era, and many housewives were on a tight budget.

These residential awnings provide shade like many other pieces of equipment, but they can be retracted, and throughout the years, this characteristic has been perfected.

Residential awnings that are retractable help keep indoor furniture, paint, and upholstery safe. Paint often fades if too much sunlight hits them; thus, providing some shade helps slow this process down. In this day and age, retractable residential awnings are equipped with remote control settings, which means simply by using a remote, the shade can be pulled in or out.

The Resurgence of Residential Awnings

Residential awnings have fixed frames and lateral arms, which is not that different from what was present a century ago. The fixed frame style is made up of aluminum, zinc-coated steel pipes, or even lightweight galvanized steel pipes. The frames are attached to the façade with different types of hardware, such as clamps or clips.

The Different Fabrics That Residential Awnings Have

Most residential awnings have solid colors or patterns, and they are also available in different styles or fabrics that can help match one’s home exterior. Individuals who like residential awnings that stand out can choose a bright color or a contrasting tone from the house’s exterior furniture. Individuals who do not want their residential awnings to stand out can use a neutral or matching awning. If you feel like your home’s exterior is drab, then you can add a contrasting trim, keyhole valences, tassels, or scallops into your residential awning design.

The residential awnings from the past are also often recreated in the present with the use of dyed acrylics and acrylic-coated polyester cotton blended fabrics. These new fabrics help with durability and strength but still resemble the old ways. These are also completely woven, which means that the fabric is strong and will filter the light. These types of residential awnings also dry up faster and reduce mildew.

The Different Styles and Types of Residential Awnings

Every residential awning is not the same, and some have different applications. Some are meant to shade a large deck that gets a lot of sunlight on it. While others want a residential awning on their windows or doors so that less heat comes through during the day and reduces the amount of air conditioning needed. Some different types of residential awnings include:

  • Residential awnings that are retractable through a motor
  • Patio or deck shades made of cloths
  • Retractable drop arm residential awnings
  • Retractable freestanding residential awnings
  • Retractable residential awnings with a vertical drop
  • Retractable residential awnings meant for patio cover
  • Window residential awnings
  • Deck residential awnings


Residential awnings have become quite common in society as they provide the perfect amount and cooling for residents. When this piece is added to houses, it can create a more elegant look for the house while allowing the owners to take a look outdoors without having to feel like they’re burning under the sunlight. Residential awnings are perfect for individuals that want to have a good amount of shade that doesn’t block out all the wind in the atmosphere.