As a teenager wearing clothes is all about finding clothes that will make you feel unique and help you to express yourself in a way you feel comfortable in. Having a sense of fashion will make your true colors shine.

Determining your Style

Before you decide to buy any clothes as a teen, it is crucial first to know what clothes would look good on your body this will include the silhouette, pattern, colors, and fit. Don’t buy clothes for no reason, have a reason for buying clothes. Have a particular style in mind before you go to the shop to purchase clothes.

Some fashion tips that your Teen Girl will love trying

Listed below are some fashion tips and ideas for teens that will help your teen girl when deciding what clothes to buy.

  • Colorful Layering: Fashion experts have discovered that layering goes perfectly for all age groups.  Layering will help a teenage girl to try out all her colorful clothes all at once. Next time you are taking your teen shopping ask her to wear a colorful vest and ask her to style the vest with a colorful shirt like hoodies for girls or a colorful jacket on top. She can look good when she pairs the colorful vest and shirt with some plain denim and sneakers together with a colorful crossbody bag.
  • Striped Simple Crop Top: Fashion changes with time and is not always constant. Some clothes which were being worn in a past time can come back with a bang. That is the beauty of fashion. Crop tops have come back and are among the clothes that are trending at the moment. You will find a lot of teens as well as adults wearing crop tops all the time. You can buy for your ten some cute striped crop top that has neutral tones. An example of such a crop top is a black and white striped crop top. To make the crop top look nice, you can match it with a simple pair of denim.

Some fashion trends for your teens that you need to be aware of

  • Baggy Clothes: There are a lot of teenage boys and girls who when asked to pick clothes would pick baggy clothes as their favourite one. Baggy clothes are sensible and comfortable. Baggy clothes are preferred by teens who like to skateboard and also to break dance. This is because baggy clothes give you a lot of comfort allowing you to move your body with a lot of ease and comfort. Some teenage kids prefer baggy clothes because their idols are hip-hop artists who are always wearing baggy clothes. If your teen follows popular rap and hip-hop artists, then you need first to explore the fashion trends worn by such artists. Get to know more about such fashion trends by going through magazines.
  • Total Black look: Clothes for teens may be dependent on the clothing color. There are three reasons why teenage kids prefer totally black look clothes. First, a teenager who prefers wearing black clothes can be suffering from depression. This is because, during the period of adolescence, some teens go through a lot of emotional challenges. If this is the case with your teenage daughter or son, then make sure you take them to a psychologist who will give you all the assistance your kid needs. The second reason why a teenage kid might prefer to wear a totally black look is if the teenager is interested in heavy music or belongs to a gothic subculture. People who are interested in heavy music or belong to some gothic subculture tend to wear totally black clothes.  Unless this culture does not cause any harm to your kid, then you need not worry that much about it. The third reason why some kids prefer a total black look is if they find black being stylish. This might be because a lot of celebrities today are always wearing totally black clothes.
  • Ripped Jeans: If you ask anyone which clothes they prefer to wear you will probably hear people saying they prefer jeans. Despite fashion changing with time, ripped jeans have remained popular for many years. Hollywood actors and singers love jeans because they are always spotted wearing jeans. When you were young there, you probably wore jeans. Clothes for teens are also dependent on the current trend. If your kid likes jeans make sure you buy for them the jeans that are trending. Ripped jeans are cozy and fancy. Ripped jeans will make your teenager stand out among other teenagers.
  • Revealing Clothes: If your daughter likes to wear short skirts and see-through blouses chances are she wants to seem more adult in her clothing style. Surely, such clothes are inappropriate for girls who are going to school or going for walks with friends. This is because you teenager might not know the consequences of wearing clothes that expose most of her body parts to the public. Older guys might think that she is sexually exposing herself to the public and begin to hit on her. This is not something you would want for your daughter. The task that you have is to talk to her and explain the situation to her. Tell her the pros and cons of wearing revealing clothes. It is important to tell her that she does not need to wear revealing clothes to look good. Tell her that she is already beautiful the way she is.

As a parent make sure you don’t condemn your child for the way she dresses. This is because criticism is not the best way of telling someone to stop something. Be tactful in your talk with your teenager. If you talk with your daughter, she may also give you the reason why she wants to wear revealing clothes.  Make sure your selfishness does not ruin your relationship with your child. Sincere conversations with a teenager have powerful results. Having a sincere discussion with your daughter might make her change her ways.