If you are looking to move to Lethbridge for the purpose of work or study, or simply visiting to learn more about the area, this is the guide for you. Lethbridge is easily one of the sunniest places in Canada, and hence if you aren’t a fan of cold and harsh weather, this is the place for you. Located in western Canada, Lethbridge is known for its mild winters and a growing urban residential space. If you are planning to move to Lethbridge for work or study, you are in for the most peaceful, quaint, and charming experiences of your life, and may have to get in contact with a home finder to look for a spot that is both close to the urbanized areas and gives you a scenic view.

What you need to know about Lethbridge

In addition to its beautiful weather characterized by more than 320 days of sunlight annually, Lethbridge is also known for its crop diversity and is home to growing fruits, vegetables, and multiple crops such as potatoes, corn, and hemp. Almost 20% of Lethbridge’s GDP comes solely from the work of agricultural companies in the area. Agriculture and related work play a great role in Lethbridge’s retail and service sectors as well. Lethbridge also has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors in terms of more than 100 parks, numerous trails, and sports complexes all around the city.

What is the community in Lethbridge like?

Lethridge is known for its welcoming, inclusive and diverse communities, and irrespective of how uncommon your profession may be, you are likely to find organizations and professionals who are engaged in work similar to yours. Lethbridge is also home to aspiring artists and musicians. The community of the city is very warm and welcoming, and a collectivist culture is observed all over the city and even in neighboring towns. Community events, supporting local businesses, and drives supporting the cause of climate change are common. If you are visiting or hoping to reside in Lethbridge, chances are that you would have to shed your inner introvert and engage with the community in general.

What are the places worth visiting in Lethbridge?

Some of the major attractions in Lethbridge include the Galt Museum, the Nika Yuko Japanese Garden, The Helen Schuler Nature Center, and the High-Level Bridge. The Galt Museum is well known in both local and international circles and regularly hosts external events as well. 

The Nika Yuko Japanese Garden was designed by landscape architects from Osaka Prefecture University and essentially combines native plants and greenery with Japanese landscaping techniques. Each sculpture is made in Japan and then shipped exclusively to Lethbridge.

The Helen Schuler Nature Center is a 200-acre nature preserve that is a great escape from nature. While it does appear like an untouched piece of nature, it is located very close to the downtown of the city and can be accessed easily by residents and tourists alike.

Path by Long and Tall Train Bridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

The High-Level Bridge is to Lethbridge what the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco – it is a historic landmark and has great views of the city and the Oldman river underneath.