For the avid card game lover or the individual seeking a simple, yet engaging pastime, the classic game of Solitaire never disappoints. Playing the game is not only a great way to pass the time, but it can also improve strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. From the classic Klondike and Spider variants to more intricate versions like Tripeaks and Pyramid, there is a Solitaire game for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just a beginner, the Internet offers a plethora of free websites to play Solitaire, each with its unique spin on the game. 

With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best seven websites where you can play Solitaire for free.


Solitaired has one of the most extensive collections of Solitaire games on the Internet. You’ll find over 50 Solitaire variations to play. Want to learn about other Solitaire variations? Choose from a plethora of games, such as  FreeCell, Pyramid, Klondike, and Spider, amongst others. The site boasts a simple, user-friendly interface, and the game’s graphics are well-executed and easy on the eyes. There are also extensive statistics and high-score leaderboards, adding an extra layer of competitive fun.


Minimalism is the mantra of Solitr. This website offers two of the most popular Solitaire games: Classic and Spider. Its clean, ad-free interface is designed to get you straight into the game without any fuss. In addition to this, Solitr also supports multiple languages, and it offers unlimited undo and redo options for those challenging games. is a prominent name in the online world of Solitaire. Built on the tenets of simplicity and user-friendliness, it caters effectively to both novices of the game and players who favor a straightforward interface. The website is well-designed with large, identifiable buttons and a tidy layout that make navigation effortless.

This platform houses a broad range of Solitaire variants, providing players with the flexibility to engage with their favorite versions or experiment with new ones. Moreover, the games on load promptly, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience free from bothersome lags or intrusive advertisements.

123 Free Solitaire

As the name suggests, 123 Free Solitaire is a free platform offering a dozen Solitaire game variations. The graphics are vibrant and the gameplay is smooth, making for an enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, the site provides detailed rules for each game, catering to both experienced players and those new to the world of Solitaire.

Solitaire FRVR

Solitaire FRVR stands out for its sleek design and immersive gameplay. The website provides a superb version of Klondike Solitaire that’s captivating in its simplicity and elegance. The interface is clean, intuitive, and ad-free, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. A standout feature is its compatibility across devices – from desktops to tablets and smartphones. Additionally, Solitaire FRVR offers a useful hint feature for those trickier games and supports multiple undo steps, allowing you to retrace your moves and refine your strategy. You can also find a comprehensive tutorial, making it an excellent choice for Solitaire beginners and veterans alike.

Solitaire Web App By TreeCardGames

The Solitaire Web App is a no-frills option that’s perfect for purists. It includes the classic Klondike Solitaire, and the interface is clean and straightforward. It’s completely free, ad-free, and works on any device with a web browser, making it the perfect on-the-go option. This site’s standout feature is that it can be downloaded as a web app on your device, allowing for offline play.

Solitaire Paradise

A paradise indeed for Solitaire enthusiasts, this website distinguishes itself with its high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay. Solitaire Paradise is particularly known for its extensive collection of Solitaire variants, allowing you to delve into a range of versions including Pyramid, Golf, and Tripeaks.

The gameplay on Solitaire Paradise is smooth and intuitive, suitable for both novices and experienced players alike. The user interface is designed to be easy to navigate, ensuring that players can get into a game with minimal fuss. A standout feature is the “Undo” button, which allows players to reverse their moves and refine their strategies.


Whether you’re seeking a challenging variant of Solitaire or prefer to stick to the classic game, these six free websites offer high-quality gaming experiences that are bound to keep you entertained. So why wait? Choose the site that suits your preferences best and start playing today!