When it comes to medicine and health sciences, the West has been the world leader for quite a while now. With its great advances in integrating technology with health science to ensure the patients are offered both enhanced and traditional ways of improvement, the Western Healthcare situation has been at the top of its game.

However, time after time, some hidden gems emerge from the East making their way into the mainstream in the West to serve as a great alternative to western medications. Our focus of discussion is a similar gem, Kratom.

What You Should Know

According to a recent study, almost 10 million people in the United States live with chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. To provide them relief, physicians recommend they opt for both synthetic and natural therapeutic activities.

While regular exercise, decreased stress, and healthy food work for most patients, many move on to receive pain medication, containing narcotics but only if they are prescribed by a well-meaning physician.

*Drum roll – Enter Kratom*

In another survey, almost ninety percent of the kratom users claimed the herb to be extremely effective in their treatment of addiction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, opioid addiction, and pain.

So without further ado, let’s head straight into understanding how you can ensure your kratom consumption is according to the best practices.

Beginner’s Guide

The kratom tree, Mitragyna Speciosa, isn’t a newfound species. It has been around for more than a decade in the healthcare system. The plain-looking evergreen native tree is usually found in the southeast side with countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New Guinea being its host.

While people of the Southeast Asian region have ingested kratom leaves for medical remedies for centuries, Europe and abroad have also begun to study kratom very closely. This is the reason why numerous beginner guides to understand the significance of Kratom is available easily.

Moving on, let’s discuss the best practices to introduce kratom powder into your consumption cycle.

How to Consume Kratom the Right Way

People often misinterpret the over-consumption of herbs as negligible due to it being “natural ”. As absurd as it sounds, it’s logically incorrect as science strictly dictates that excess consumption of anything can be hazardous and serve as a trigger of irregularities.

This is why, whether you use kratom for medical benefits or to relax after a tiresome routine, you must know how to take it properly.

●     Buy High-Quality Kratom

The first and foremost step in your kratom consumption is to ensure you’ve got the best quality product.

Since the purpose of taking kratom is to feel the change in a short interval of time, weak kratom can be unsatisfactory which can result in loss of interest from new kratom users.

Similarly, if the product is of the lowest quality, this untrustable kratom can be highly dangerous for you.

●     Determine the Right Dose

As mentioned earlier, dose management is a key factor in the consumption of all kinds of medications. The beauty of kratom is that it has multiple effects which allow you to choose which of them you desire. This is why knowing the right kratom dosage is so important because it helps you decide to consume high doses if you want it to act as a sedative and low doses if you wish to use it as a stimulant.

So, if you’re a new user, the general suggestion is to start small and adjust your consumption ratio as per your requirements.

●     Mix it with Tea – The Age-Old Method

Boil a pot of tea and add your measured dose of kratom into it. After leaving it for an estimated 20 minutes, pour the tea through a strainer to ensure the user product is out of your tea.

If you use leaves, you can save them for reuse for at least the next two doses.

Kratom in tea

●     Toss It

For those of you who want the process to be quick, you can add your desired amount of kratom into a glass of water and just gulp it down.

Similarly, putting the powder right into your mouth and chasing it down with water will also have the same effect. Please be aware that it won’t taste great and kratom is not recommended to consume like this. It’s still quick, though.

●     Get a Capsule filled with Kratom

If you’re an “I don’t need any trouble” kind of person, you might want to opt for a capsule with the recommended dose of kratom. The process of swallowing a capsule is entirely painless.

While this may work for newcomers who prefer small doses, you might have to take a few capsules to ensure you are consuming your desired amount.

●     Drink Plenty of Water

Kratom is renowned for dehydrating you which is why it is recommended to have plenty of water before you plan on taking your dosage.

Multiple complaints of feeling dizzy after taking kratom are often triggered due to dehydration. So, drink as much water as you can.

●     Maintain a Kratom Log

To gauge your strain, desired effects, and track your dosage, you might want to maintain a kratom log. This way your future dosage management will be easier depending on the longevity of your notes.

Benefits of Kratom

Now that we know the best practices for the consumption of kratom, it is important to understand that while excess usage of kratom can be hazardous in some cases, the benefits of kratom outlive them by a huge margin.

Kratom has been frequently used in Asia for the treatment of fatigue, pain, diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Now with extensive research, it is deduced that some other health benefits can also be extracted from the use of kratom such as:

  • Libido Enhancement,
  • Pain Relief,
  • Mood-Boosting.

After understanding the consumption criterion, recommended practices, and the benefits of kratom, it is safe to say that Mitragyna is an amazing product. It has immense potential to develop your life with a creative drive and positivity.

Moreover, it helps you improve your work ethic by enhancing your mood and increasing productivity, which will eventually result in the betterment of your life. So, ensure you have control over your dosage, and you are good to go!