Mattresses are essential for your quality of sleep and your spinal health. However, it can be hard to sometime find the right one for you. There are so many things to think about including type, firmness, and size to name a few. Size is actually very important when it comes to mattresses, and most of the time, a large mattress is better. To help you choose the best large mattress for you, we’ve put together a size guide so you can easily pick the right one. Keep reading to find out more… 

Small Double (Queen) Size

A small double mattress sometimes called a Queen, is typically 120cm wide and 190cm long. These work great for a single person as they’re large enough that they give you more space, but not too big that they take up a lot of room. If needed, they can also fit 2 people, it just may be a bit cramped. If you have a small bedroom but want a decent-sized bed, try going for a Queen size mattress. You can even get ones that fit beds with storage underneath so you can really maximize space. Just because you have a bedroom that’s on the smaller side, doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous spacious bed. All you need is a Queen mattress!

Double Size

Most people will be familiar with the standard double-size mattress due to their common use of fitting two people. Generally, they are 135cm, wide and 190cm long, making them a fair bit bigger than a Queen one. A double mattress tends to fit most people’s bedrooms, allowing them to have plenty of room to sprawl out at night, but still keeping their space free. The average person may opt for a double-size mattress as they easily fit two people as well, but they’re also more than enough space for just one. If you’re looking for a larger mattress that’s not enormous but more in the middle, then you definitely should check out a double mattress. 

King Size

When it comes to larger than average mattresses, the king size is where they begin. Measuring 150cm wide and 200cm long, a king-size mattress is one of the biggest you can get. These are perfect for people who may be taller than average as they provide you with amply leg room and enough room that you can still share it if needed. Couples may like the king-size mattress too as it enables both of you to sleep however you want without taking up too much room. For instance, if you’re both starfish sleepers, a double-size mattress just may not cut it. So, if you’re taller than the average joe or are a couple who likes their own space at night to sleep, then a king-size mattress can be your solution. 

Super King Size

If you really want to upgrade your mattress, a super king-size one can be the one for you. With measurements of 180cm wide and 200cm long, it’s definitely coming in at one of the largest mattresses you can get. These giants are ideal for those who love spending lazy Sunday mornings having breakfast in bed with the family or spending Christmas mornings with all the kids unwrapping their presents. With loads of room to spare, the super king-size mattress is wonderful for families! Alternatively, you could just be one person who loves the feeling of a huge, spacious mattress or a couple who both find it too hot to sleep close in a double. Having more room to relax will do wonders for your sleep each night. 

Larger mattresses can be a godsend when you’ve spent ages feeling cramped in your tiny single bed. The difference it can make to your sleep quality is immense as well. You’ll find it easier to fall asleep as you won’t be tossing and turning, trying to find a comfy spot on your tiny bed. Instead, you’ll be able to sleep in whatever position you like and not feel restricted in any way. So, if you’re feeling trapped on your small mattress every night, it might be time to upgrade to a larger one.