Christmas may be months away, but when you think about it, it’s never too early to start thinking about some of the annual tasks associated with the holiday.

For example, if you find yourself routinely stressing out about sending out Christmas cards, the sooner you can start planning for the annual holiday greeting, the better off your season will be.

Check out the following unique Christmas card design ideas that will help make yours stand out from the rest:

1. Create a Top 10 List

Instead of trying to compose a traditional Christmas letter to tuck inside your cards, create a top 10 list of moments, things or events that your family is grateful for this year. Since this type of card is more focused on feelings rather than events, you can start working on it anytime.

Suggestions for the list include how much you loved adopting a new kitten during spring break, how you enjoy spending time with new neighbors who are now good friends, and how your children are happy with their school and teachers.

You can either print out the list on festive paper and include it in the card, or, if you’re ordering custom cards, you can include the top 10 list on the back of the card.

2. Use Washi Tape to Make Clever Cards

If you love doing arts and crafts and want the kiddos to help you make this year’s batch of cards, Japanese Washi tape is a great place to start. Buy a supply of blank cards and envelopes and some festive, holiday-themed Washi tape.

From there, cut out strips of the Washi tape and use them to decorate the fronts and/or insides of the cards as you wish. For instance, cut a variety of sizes of green Washi tape to create a Christmas tree, or create photo frames with the tape and then either draw a picture inside the frame or add a small photo of your family.

For added holiday fun, use Christmas stamps and ink pads to add extra touches of festive fun to the cards.

3. Think of Holiday Sayings as a Card Theme

As you lounge by the pool in the summer, think of your favorite Christmas carols and stories, and use one of their classic verses on your card. For example, if you want to order a Christmas card, you could choose a “Laughing all the Way” theme from the Jingle Bells song.

Start going through the photos on your phone that show your family members laughing and having a wonderful time and use them to illustrate this verse. If you prefer to make your own cards, you can order prints of your happy and giggling kids and then glue them to the front of blank cards before hand-writing the song lyric at the top of the card.

Mark a Christmas Chore off Your List — You’ll Be Glad You Did!

While you might prefer to wait until the fall to start your shopping, meal planning, and other Christmas-related chores, your annual holiday cards can be designed at any time of the year.

By giving one of these unique ideas a try and creating the cards sooner rather than later, you’ll not only send out amazing and unique cards to your loved ones but will also feel less stressed out during the month of December.