Are you planning to try out playing slots online? You should first do your research and learn more about it. It is not just a game of luck. It also involves strategy and logic. Prepare yourself first before diving into this addictive scene. 

Know The Basic Lingo 

You must be aware of some of the jargons related to slots. This guide will help you know the common terms when playing slots. Knowing these terms will help you get a better experience when you start playing. Here are the three basic terms to get you going:


Symbols pertain to the icons in a slot. Usually, these are connected to the theme of the game. The symbols are the icons you match to win. 

There are special symbols included in a slot game. These are the free spin, wild, scatter, and other special bonus symbols. Matching free spins will prize you more spins. Wild symbols can act as any regular symbols of the game to complete your match in a pay line. Scatters initiate the bonus rounds and free spins.  


Reels are what make the slots. These are what you see rolling on the screen or machine. The symbols are located within the reels. There can be three, five, seven, or nine reels in a slot game. You can think of these as the columns. 


If reels are columns, then pay lines are rows. These are the icons you see from left to right. The game’s goal is to get symbols in the pay lines to align to win. The number of pay lines varies per game.

Slot Machine Rolling Drums

Choose A Game And Learn About It 

Each game is different. If you want to play slots, choose a specific game and learn about it. In general, slots have the same play mechanics, but each game has a unique feature you should know about. They also have different jackpots, RTP (return to player percentage), and minimum and maximum betting stakes. 

You should also learn about the developer of the game. If a known developer creates the game, you can be assured that it is legit. By knowing about the game, you also get the idea if it suits you or not. 

Find A Trust-worthy Online Casino 

If you already know the what, the next is knowing the where. Where will you play the game? There are several gambling sites where you can play slots online. Choose the best one that offers your game. Ensure the site is licensed; many websites are not legitimate and could get you in trouble. 

Be Smart And Responsible  

Before you start betting real money, you can actually try the game first and practice. There are demo games you should play to warm up. If you are ready to play for real, it’s wise to set a limit on your bets and keep track of them. Know when to stop playing and betting. 

Pro Tip: Stop when you have won and doubled your initial bet and when you have spent your budget.

As a beginner, it is easy to start playing the game. Online slots are not that complicated. The real trick is winning. Remember that it is easy to lose yourself when playing this type of game. Keep your control and do your best not to be impulsive.