By most accounts, American Airlines is the largest airline in the world. You can travel with American Airlines whether you want to experience air travel on a budget or you want to travel in style.

Upscale travelers, in particular, will enjoy traveling with American Airlines. Many travelers rave about American Airlines’ luxury services, making air travel as smooth as possible.

You also have several options for luxury travel, depending on how much you can afford and the benefits you want from your luxury travel experience. The following are some of the services American Airlines offers the upscale traveler: 

Five-Star Service

If you have a ticket to American Airlines premium first or business class cabins, you can enjoy their five-star service. American Airlines five star service includes car service coordination and early boarding benefits.

You will also get priority during plane reassignment if a flight is delayed or canceled. Personalized service through the airport is the primary perk of the service, where you get access to the Flagship First Check-In and the Admirals Club lounge.

You can pay for the service in cash or using AAdvantage miles. It would help if you also learned which American and International airports offer the Five Star service. 

Five-Star Select Service

Another luxury service American Airlines offers to its upscale travelers in America is its five-star select service. It is a slight improvement on the five-star service, and you get to enjoy the same benefits with the former as the latter.

However, with five-star select service, you also get Flagship First dining, which is a private restaurant-like dining experience you can only find in four of American Airlines’ Flagship Lounges located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York-JFK airports.

You should check with services you can enjoy at any of the airports that offer the five-star select service as they differ. 

The five-star select service costs $650 for the first passenger on the ticket, $150 for extra adult passengers, and an additional $75 for passengers under 17 years. 

Five-Star Private Departure and Arrival 

American Airlines private departure and arrival service is for the highest upscale travelers and is only available at LAX airport for travelers with premium cabin tickets. You still have to check your American Airlines flight tracker, so you do not miss your flight.

With a five-star private departure, you can be chauffeured by a driver or helicopter pilot to the airport. You will receive an escort to an exclusive location in the airport, where an agent will assist you with the check-in process.

You will also clear airport security using a private TSA line. Once you are through security, you will be transported in an American Airlines luxury vehicle (usually a Cadillac) to the airport terminal. You can then enjoy a meal at Flagship Dining and be escorted to your boarding gate, where you get priority flight boarding. 

American Airlines private arrival service depends on whether you are arriving on an international or domestic flight. If you arrive on an international flight, you will be picked up in a luxury car provided by the airline and escorted to an American Airlines private suite.

The car will then take you to a private location where you can clear customs and immigration with the help of an officer specifically provided for you and then have your bags delivered. 

If you arrive on a domestic flight, you will first go to Flagship Dining and enjoy a meal. You will receive an escort to an LAX private suite for pickup. You will then have your bags delivered to anywhere you want in LA. 

American Airlines’ luxury services are the best choice for the upscale traveler. Their Five stars, five-star select, and five-star private departure & arrival services are fantastic for those who want to travel in style. If you want to experience these services, contact American Airlines for more information.