Everybody knows, that immigration process can be quite challenging, because people should be well informed in the legislation of a particular state, know how to register the specific documentation, etc. However, to avoid a tremendous wasting of time on learning all the information, it will be enough just call for lawyers’ the help.

  • How to obtain Slovenian passport within 6 months?
  • How to pick the most convenient procedure following your aim?
  • Does Eucitizensship care of your case, and help to achieve your immigration goal?

All the answers and customers reviews you will find in that article.

Who is Eucitizensship?

Eucitizensship is a team of immigration lawyers, who have a solid knowledge in legislation of a particular state, which is presented on company’s official website. 

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Main principles, which the attorneys follow:

  • Provide the clients with complete confidentiality;
  • Work in accordance with the agreement; power of attorney;
  • Following the legislation of a country of registration;
  • Cooperation just with government repositories.

Eucitizensship appears to be one of the most popular companies in the world, because of meticulous individual approach. To get a free initial consultation you should contact the lawyers via phone, email, messengers, which you will find on the official website. As far as the offline consultations is not convenient enough for many applicants, the attorneys suggest online communication with anyone, who wishes to be consulted and save their time.

Hundreds of satisfied customers of Eucitizensship mark in their reviews that the obtaining of Slovenian passport or the citizenship of any other country is really comfortable with the lawyers. However, to make sure, we will analyze a couple of reviews below.

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Immigration issues which Eucitizensship helps deal with

Immigration is full of unexpected issues, so the lawyers, who have years of experience in solving such kind of nuances, can help you.

The experts assist you when:

  • You need to present the documents in Slovenian language;
  • You have not all the necessary documentation;
  • You are not able to visit Slovenia because of your work / study / business affairs;
  • You cannot oversee all the processes because of the lack of time.

The procedure of obtaining the Slovenian passport: reviews on Eucitizensship

On the official website of the company, we found the information how the clients have to pass the procedure of obtaining Slovenian passport with the lawyers. Nevertheless, we will try to show you the process from the other side.

Getting Slovenian citizenship in accordance with clients’ reviews:

  1. Signing the documents about common work with the company (agreement and the power of attorney);
  2. Preparing the dossier and submitting it to Upravna Enota are the responsibilities of the attorneys;
  3. Pledging the oath of allegiance;
  4. Registering ID card of Slovenia.

Here are a few reviews, we found on the Internet:

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