Every person has a Guardian Angel. You cannot see him, but his hand helps throughout the entire earthly life. Angels give signals to their charges in the form of numbers and their combinations — this direction is called Angelic numerology. Serious life changes are signaled by the value of the number 555. Number 5 usually is a positive sign, but not everything is so simple. What else will this sign tell?

How to Recognize a Karmic Number

In classical numerology, numbers are usually calculated by adding the numbers of the letters of the first and last names and the date of birth. In Angelic numerology, the karmic number is defined differently. Tutelars send a signal to a person in the form of frequently repeated digital combinations. You can often notice that the same numbers accompany you in life: identical combinations in a mobile phone number, or a credit card, they can hit the eye on car numbers, watches, advertising banners, in newspapers and books. The right number is sure to draw attention to itself, but such coincidences are rarely given importance. Angelic numerology and its concepts allow you to notice and recognize the sign that is sent from Above.

Number 555

The numerical signals that the angels send to the charges can warn of impending events (pleasant and disturbing) indicate a way out of a conundrum, report mistakes that have been made, or, on the contrary, confirm that you have done everything correctly. The number 5 in the numerology of Angels is a symbol of change. In the 555 combinations, the vibration of the five is increased threefold. The meaning of 555 is cardinal changes, the acquisition of something new. No one can tell what area of life these changes will touch; one can only contemplate.

  • moving to a new home or even country;
  • possible divorce and start of new relationships;
  • change of occupation;
  • change of view of life, conversion to another religion;
  • extreme travel;
  • new acquaintances
  • release of unique abilities, new talents, or rare gifts.

Whether these changes are beneficial or harmful depends on the way of thinking. If you think about the good, set yourself up for the best, then the changes will be advantageous. You should leave all your apprehensions behind and confide in a new life.

angelic number 555 meaning

555 and Personal Life

The carriers of the number 555 are in dire need of love, long-lasting and strong relationships; they sincerely want to start a family. Here, desires go against the inherent character traits.

Love and the pursuit of absolute disengagement give momentum to the fear of marriage. A person does not want to be limited by everyday life, home, and the requirements of society for the behavior of spouses. Affection quickly turns into indifference due to the tendency to idealize people. Then, it leads to constant disappointment in people. Permanent self-criticism causes the development of inferiority complexes that prevent one from revealing and surrendering to feelings, showing one’s true face. Relationships for those who bear number 5 often end in falling-outs, and the person remains alone with their freedom.

When building relationships, it is crucial to learn to compromise, forgive mistakes, and accept your partner’s flaws. Five-person should reconsider their attitude towards personal space and latitude. Love does not limit but gives new strength and discovers horizons.