Luxury keeps meaning more. Indeed, it would seem as if there can never be enough of it, in order to attract clients. Five-star hotels have understood that, and they make sure that their clients are always impressed by how much quality they find when they stay in their location. That includes art, which has taken more space in their lobby, restaurants, bars, and rooms, over the last few years. Here is an overview of the place of art in luxury hotels. 

A New Generation of Guests that requires Great Environments

One of the benefits of social media is that hotels need to look their best so that they can show pictures that their guests take while staying with them. The new generation of luxury travelers wants to be seen on their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, bathing in luxury and beauty. The hotel they stay in has to be picture-friendly, in such a fashion that they will be able to take hundreds of photos, anywhere they go inside the hotel. Managers have understood that, which is why you will find great works of art, all around their buildings.

Don’t be mistaken: This younger generation knows its art well. It acquires regularly original acrylic paintings online for home, and if you were ever to stay at their place, you would discover that they invest a lot in art. They have discovered that beauty is a key element of life, at a very young age, thanks to their parents who have carried them around the globe, on luxury holidays throughout their life. Now that they travel by themselves, their demands are extremely high, and many five-star hotels have understood it and delivered on it.

Staying in Hotels with Prestigious Art Collections is the Ultimate Luxury

Imagine arriving at your destination and finding an Andy Warhol painting hanging on the wall of reception. That is what you will experience when checking in at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. But that is not the only masterpiece you will cross paths with, during your stay. They also possess, in their collection, works by Salvator Dali and Damien Hirst, as well as exquisite sculptures by Henry Moore and Takashi Murakami, honoring their garden. When you live so close to such expensive artworks, you cannot help but feel like you are bathing in full luxury. Such prestigious art collections are so important, that they have become part of the marketing of the hotels that own them. 

But not all hotels can afford to own such luxury, for their guests to enjoy. And so, others have found a solution that still does the trick. They enter frequently into collaborations with museums and designers that offer them some of their pieces for a given amount of time, which in turn creates great advertisements for them. This is a strategy that is quite beneficial for all parties involved, including the guests. Some will also call upon local artists to provide them with some visibility. They can often sell their paintings to guests who would be interested in acquiring them, as well.