Card games are some of the most popular casino games around. The beauty of these games is the fact that they can be played at home with a standard deck of cards, as well as online, and at your nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Casino sites like now offer live-action gameplay, streaming directly onto your screen from a mobile device or desktop. The options are truly endless!

But sometimes, that can also be a problem. With so many different card games now available at the touch of a button, how are we meant to decide which one to play first? Well, with this in mind, we’ve put two of the most popular games against each other, Baccarat and Blackjack, to find out which one reigns supreme. 

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House Edge

Baccarat boasts one of the lowest houses edges out of all casino games – however, this edge is greatly dependent on the bets you choose to place. For the lowest house edge of 1.06%, players are advised to bet on the banker holding the winning hand. The second-lowest house edge can be achieved by betting on the player’s hand winning – 1.24% – whilst varying tie bets will offer considerably higher edges, meaning you’re a lot less likely to bag that win.

Blackjack is widely known for having the lowest house edge of all the classic casino games – which is perhaps why it’s such a favorite amongst many players. The average game of single-deck Blackjack will have a minimum house edge of 1.5%.

It’s worth noting that whether you’re playing online or in person, the house edge will still apply. 

Winner: Although Baccarat offers the lowest house edge, Blackjack takes the win as the house edge isn’t affected by the type of bet you choose to place.


Baccarat is a fairly simple game to master and doesn’t require any mental gymnastics for you to learn. The iconic game may appear to be complicated at first, but there are actually only three wagers to choose from, clearly labeled on the gaming table – virtual or otherwise – consisting of the banker or player’s hand, or a tie. The dealer will handle all aspects of the gameplay, including; dealing cards, identifying winning scores, paying out, and collecting chips from any losing wagers. This is perhaps the reason that the game is deemed easy to play.

Blackjack also heavily involves the dealer, however, there’s more required from the player than you’ll find with Baccarat. Blackjack gives you the option when it comes to difficulty – you can play it safe or plan out your moves, the choice is yours! The aim of the game is to beat the deal; either by being the first to hold a hand that equals 21 or witnessing the dealer go bust before you. Blackjack offers out more betting options than Baccarat, which can be an advantage if you’re looking for more excitement in your gameplay, however, this can also be its downfall if you’re a beginner. 

Winner: Once again, Blackjack takes the win. With more betting options and decisions in the hands of the player, Blackjack offers a more interesting gameplay experience. Both gaming options can be found online, however, Blackjack is generally more readily available than Baccarat when you choose to play in person. 


Baccarat is an easy game to play, as we’ve touched on above. With the majority of moves left to the dealer; as a player, your only responsibilities are to decide on which bet you wish to place and how much you choose to wager. As a beginner, this is ideal, as there are very few rules to grasp and you can leave the outcome to chance.

Whilst Blackjack is also a game of chance, there’s a wider range of betting options to choose from and you’ll find yourself playing against the dealer. As we mentioned earlier, if the dealer goes bust (exceeds a hand value of 21) then you’ll win. But, in the same way, if you go bust, then the dealer wins – as well as if the dealer reaches a value of 21 first. Blackjack presents more opportunities to lose, as there are more decisions to be made by the player, therefore it requires a lot more thought and consideration. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your gaming experience.

Winner: Baccarat! Whilst Blackjack may be the more popular of the two, Baccarat is certainly easier to learn and play as a beginner.

The result? Blackjack takes the final win, as a popular yet classic casino game that has truly stood the test of time. Whilst many players still enjoy a game or two of Baccarat, Blackjack comes in all variations and can be found in almost every casino on the planet! So, it’s not surprising that the iconic card game remains on top, even today.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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