Is your kitchen making it difficult for you to create culinary masterpieces? Are the appliances so outdated that they’re no longer efficient? Perhaps you want to expand your skills but lack the necessary utensils, cookware, and accessories to do so. Whether you cook as a daily necessity, passion, or profession, having the ideal workspace is essential to ensure your dishes come out delicious. Although you’ve probably imagined your perfect kitchen to meet your needs, being able to afford the costs of renovations is another story. 

That’s where ONE comes in. ONE is an innovative, tech-savvy, and consumer-friendly bank that can help you get your dream kitchen sooner rather than later. 

No Fees

It’s hard to save for a kitchen renovation if your bank charges extra fees just for using their services. From minimum balance and monthly maintenance fees to wire transfers and ATM charges, these deductions reduce your budget. ONE offers its customers an opportunity to keep more money in their pockets with fee-free banking. 

High-Yield Savings

A savings account is supposed to be an investment. Financial experts say it’s one of the simplest ways to earn money while you sleep. However, the average interest rate for traditional banks is 0.01% APY, giving you pennies on the dollar. At that rate, you’ll be waiting years to see a substantial return. 

Who wants to wait years to get their dream kitchen? If you’d like to reach your savings goals faster, an account with ONE can help. They offer 1.00% APY, which is ten times more than other financial institutions. Simply decide on an initial deposit and schedule automatic transfers watch your savings skyrocket.

Overdraft Protection

Every banking customer has had at least one transaction that overdrew their account. It’s not only embarrassing but frustrating and expensive. Traditional banks will charge insufficient funds or overdraft fees of about $25-$35. Depending on the transaction, you may also incur costs from the service provider. 

Realizing that things happen, ONE offers its customer’s overdraft protection of up to $200. If your account doesn’t have enough funds, ONE will cover it for you. As long as you repay the balance within 30 days, you don’t incur a fee. If you need more time (as sometimes happens), you’ll only be charged 1% interest. 


Every penny saved is a penny towards your kitchen renovation. ONE offers another way to boost your savings. It’s called an Auto-Save Pocket. This is a sub-account linked to your checking and debit card. Every time you make a transaction using your debit card, ONE rounds it to the nearest dollar and deposits it into the Auto-Save Pocket. The best part is you earn 3.00% APY!

If you want to increase your savings and reach your goals faster, use your debit card to purchase cookware, utensils, and accessories for your new kitchen. 

Monitor Your Renovation Budget With Pockets

The Auto-Save Pocket isn’t the only product ONE offers. Customers can also customize Pockets to correlate with their budgets or spending needs. You can keep track of your budget, reduce wasteful spending, increase your savings, and get your new kitchen in no time. 

You can create a designated Pocket for your Renovation and use it to pay for equipment, appliances, supplies, contractors, or interior designers. You can easily view the transactions and keep track of expenditures, so you don’t overspend and regret it later. 

While true chefs can make magic happen in any environment with few ingredients, resources, and tools, there’s nothing like a top-notch kitchen to take your culinary skills to the next level. If you’ve always dreamed of updating your kitchen but held off due to the expense of renovations, let ONE help you turn your dreams into reality. By using ONE’s money-saving features and tools you can acquire the funds you need to begin construction soon.