There are many more Moroccan beauty secrets besides Argan oil. Well, here is what you need to know about the most powerful treatments used often by Moroccan women.

The Hammam 

It refers to an open bathhouse where natives can visit at least once every week. At the Hammam, people undergo a ritual-based cleansing treatment that includes detoxification, aromatherapy, and massages using various Moroccan beauty ingredients such as essential oils and Argan oils. The Hammam increases circulation purifies the skin and releases toxins. For the ultimate benefits, you should try out massages every week.

African Black Soap 

It is also referred to as Savon Noir. It is popularly used in various parts of Africa, including Morocco. The African Black Soap is an all-natural soap full of vitamin E. It’s perfect for your complexion and comes with the best antimicrobial properties. Even better, it has an amazing scent. 

Rose Oil for Moroccan Women

Rose Oil  

Moroccan women rely on fresh rose petals to manufacture various beauty products such as rose water used for toning purposes. The rose oil, also known as Moroccan Rose, is one of the best essential oils out there. It is used for relieving ailments and soothing your body. When you apply it to the skin, you can enjoy a glowing and soft feel. 

green mint tea for moroccan women

Green Mint Tea

Are you looking for an energy drink to help replenish your skin? Green mint tea should be your first choice. It is full of antioxidants making it perfect for removing scars and wrinkles. It also contains caffeine so you can switch from coffee to green mint tea for your morning beverage. 

Green Clay 

Yet another amazing beauty product from the Moroccans, green clay is an amazing mask that absorbs excess oils from your skin and deep cleans your skin effortlessly. You can use the clay to revitalize and exfoliate every part of your body.

Solid Perfume 

It is an amazing beauty product you should definitely have. Solid perfumes are available in small, colored blocks that bring out a light scent when you rub them on the skin. The scent lasts all day. They are very fragrant and can last for years. You don’t need to worry about restocking on bottles that break constantly.